Monday, July 23, 2012

Cape May--Sunday

It was a perfect first full day in Cape May.  After breakfast...I took the boys on a bikeride down the boardwalk.  Andy had been up earlier and actually ran down to the end.

The boys were anxious to get down to the beach so we loaded up and headed down and spent 2 hours before coming back to the house for lunch.  (I left my memory card in the computer, so no pics of the morning.

We came back to the house and had yummy subs on the porch.
 Then back to the beach for another 3 or so hours of play.  Grant and Nia were very giving and gave Oompa every rock and shell they found.
 They would run out to the wave line....
 and back in again...

They would stop and look for shells.
The boys and Oompa dug a "lake" and built a castle!
 Lucas and Seth did it all:  body surfing, boogie boarding, playing in the sand...busy boys!
 Love this picture...cousins and friends!
 Grant just loves the beach...he loves rolling around in the sand.   He continues to get braver and actually went out up to his belly.   He also loves pulling the boogie board along the waves.
 Back to the house around 4 for showers and some down time.   The big boys watched tv while the "babies" napped.  It's funny....they are stilled called "babies"

Had a yummy supper of homemade crab soup, grilled salmon, shrimp and the fixins.    Then...of course, back to the boardwalk for some arcade games and ice cream!

The boys were wiped out and bedtime was much easier!  

Cant' wait for another fun day.....the weather was just about perfect today...praying it will be that way all week.  


Shari said...

Thanks for all the fun facts & pictures Krista! Almost feel like I'm there with you! So glad you are having a fun vacation. After the awesome job of directing Bible School, you desrve it! Looking forward to more vacation highlights!