Monday, July 30, 2012

Cape May...Friday

Friday morning, Andy and I took the Elijah, Lucas, Seth and Grant to the Aviation Museum at the Cape May Airport.  It was actuallyl quite interesting.  There were all types of aircraft...from war craft to modern.  The kids were able to climb into almost all of them.
 This one was flown in "TOP GUN"

 there were helcopters too...including Coast Guard and military.  There were all kinds of simulation activities.  It was a fun morning...and would have been a little more fun if it wasn't so hot in the hanger...there wasn't a lot of air moving.  The boys loved it.
 After lunch at the beach house Seth and I headed straight to the beach, and Grant and Andy came after a quick nap.  Seth played with friend, Edison (whose  parents were staying in the house next door)
 I love these photos of Grant...sinple beach fun with a yellow bucket!

 And of course, there is always time for a drink break!
 The four of us stayed really late at the is always calming...but really calming after the crowds leave.   We came back to find the gum drop tree had bloomed AGAIN!

 Oompa does an amazing job cooking for us each night.  He rides to the fish market and picks up fresh seafood each night!  On Friday night, everyone gets to pick what they want.
 Andy had lobster tail and some sirloin tips!  Amy and Doug had swordfish. Nana had crab claws.  Oompa had steak and crabs and fish.  And I had crab soup and some shrimp!  YUM YUM

 After dinner, we attempted the annual cousin picture on the porch.  This is the best we got!  Too much other exciting fun things going on!
 My two them so much!
 and here they even appear to love each other!
 Then it was time to load up the tickets and head down to the arcade to cash them in.
 Sitting on a bench....exploring their loot!
 Grant picked out a bubblegum machine
 Seth picked out a model ship.  (I'm not going to think about how much those 2 things really cost....just remember the fun they had playing the games)  Every night, Grant would tell us that he wouldn't cry when he ran out of money.
 Daddy bought the boys a special treat from the candy store...chocolate anyone?
 We then went back and had some cake to celebrate Nana's retirement with the Vollmers.  Their whole family was in the house next we were able to see them and spend some time with them each day at the beach and around the houses.  

Then...back to pack up! BOOO!  It's always so sad on Friday night...especially after a great week with amazing weather and countless memories.