Saturday, July 28, 2012

Cape May...Thursday

 Thursday was another beautiful sunny day...we have totally lucked out with the weather.   We headed to the beach after a leisurely morning at the house and got in a few hours before coming back for lunch and a break from the sun.

 The waves were really rough...made it a little hard to play in the lots of beach playing was done.

 The best thing about the beach is the outdoor shower...I LOVE IT...and so do the boys.   For one, it keeps all the sand out of the house...but it also is just a fun way to gt cleaned up after a full day at the beach.
After getting cleaned up...Grant and I went with my parents to see my cousins who were in town visiting my Aunt.  I saw my cousin John 2 years ago after not seeing him for years...but may have been only the 2nd -3rd time I ever met Ken.  

 It was "date" night...which basically means every family was on their own for dinner.   We went down and had some pizza on the boardwalk...and then walked along the beach as the sun was was a beautiful time to be on the beach.

We then got some snacks and watched a little of the movie that was playing on the beach.  It was Lord of the Rings, which really excited Andy...but didn't do much for Grant and I.  Oh yeah, that was of course after our nightly allotment of arcade money was gone.

Back to the house late...but then mom and I stayed up and played cards.  Love having that time with my mom....especially when I really beat her!


Shari said...

Thanks for all the great updates and wonderful pictures! Makes me want to be there! Maybe sometime.....??!! Glad you are having so many memorable times together!