Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cape May...Tuesday

Tuesday started out with a front porch visit with my Aunt Susie!  She is my dad's older sister who lives here in Cape May.  She is a riot...and has such opinions about all of us tourists who come descend on her quaint little town.
 Then...the boys and I biked down to the mall to check out the stores and look for t-shirts. It was wicked out outside.  Grant loved the bell!

 Then...back to the house for a quick lunch before heading to the beach.   It was a HOT day at the beach and the water felt GREAT!  The waves were also fun to ride.

 I love the genuine smiles on the boys faces!
 The older three out in the waves!
 What do you bloomed again after the beach
 3 very tired boys watching some tv before dinner!
 Dinner was a special it was the birthday celebration for Amy and me!  Amy picked steak and I dined on crab soup. The Lobster House makes THE best soup...I seriously could eat it everyday.

Then we all met down at the mall again at was a fun little diner.  We all got dessert...
Seth got an orange float

Grant loved his chocolate shake
 Andy and I split this AMAZING sundae...5 scoops...moosetracks ice cream with peanut butter cups, hot fudge, whipped cream and a cherry! 
 Nia grabbed bites wherever she could
 Doug and Amy split one with brownies in it
 Lucas got chocolate with oreos and gummy worms
 Elijah is allergic to ice cream...but LOVED his orange cream soda and french fries
 See...I didn't eat it by myself
 Nana and Oompa enjoy the peanut butter one too!

It was fun and yummy.  Something new we'd never done.
Then, of course, a stop by the arcade for the nightly game playing before heading back to the house to hop in bed.   It had been a long day and everyone was tired.