Saturday, July 28, 2012

Cape May...Wednesday

Wednesday morning was picture day...we all headed down to the beach, in our coordinating outfits to hopefully catch some pics before the crowd poured in!

 That's a lot of people to get looking in the same direction!

 the reason we are here (in more way than 1)  Love these two!

 After pictures...Seth went shopping with the cousins....Andy went shopping and Grant and I stayed back and made cookies.  I had brought like 4 dozen...but we had those polished off early in the week.

Then...we rode our bikes to the Fisherman's Wharf.   Seth was still with the cousins, so Andy, Grant and I explored some of the boats...and found this 1,000 lb fish.


 The lunch was super yummy...I especially loved the crab soup!  Everyone was able to get some of their favorite dishes...and we got to watch them pack scallops and watch some pretty cool boats. to the beach again..Oompa and Seth had some serious conversations
 Got a new sun head and lips were FRIED!   Guess it kinda blocks my whole face!

 We stayed super late and the beach really quieted was a calm evening....absolutely beautiful on the beach.
  Back to the house to check the gum drop tree!

After dinner, we headed down to the mall to get our shirts and ice cream for the night...and then of course, a quick stop at the arcade for our nightly games!