Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Grant 3rd birthday....#1

Grant turned 3 on Sunday, July 1.  We slept in a little since SS was an "iffy" because of the huge storm that took out so much power.   We had yummy cinnamon rolls for breakfast!
 After church...we ate lunch at home and celebrated with a little mini cake.  Family couldn't come for a couple days...so it was just the 4 of us.  Grant loves Spiderman right now...so this was the perfect choice by daddy late at night, once we realized that he wouldn't understand waiting 2 days for his cake!

 Yummy blue icing!

He then opened his presents from us...

 and loved playing with his very own new trash truck!
 After a relaxing afternoon...we went to the new Tokens and Tickets for dinner and games.   They were really slow due to the storm...but were super gracious about making new pizzas for us.  Grant still loves the rides over the games!

and 1 quarter for skeeball lasts a long long time....just not enough muscle
It was a fun (hot) day just celebrating our little guy with the family!