Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Grant's birthday...#3

Wow...3 birthdays for 3 years I guess! A friend gave us a free birthday party at St. Joe Fire Department. put on the auxillary.   We had a hard time finding a time/day for it...but settled on June 7. 3 of his little friends could come...and they just happen to be girls! He does seem to have a lot of "girl" friends.

Coloring and hanging out with our new hats
Pluggy the talking hydrant came out and shared some fire safety!  It was really cute!

 Then we got to go see all the trucks and sit in the big seat!

 and try on the big rubber boots
 even big brother had fun
 They provided a cute little cake

 and his friends brought him some cool presents
I was really impressed...and it was a super easy party...to just show up! They were very generous and even gave all the kids goodie bags and shirts  Too bad it was like 104 degrees!  Grant had a great time...and I'm sure he now thinks that every year his birthday shoudl be a FESTIVAL!