Tuesday, August 14, 2012

10 year anniversary trip

The Monday morning after the ice cream social, June 18, Andy and I were blessed to take a trip celebrating (just a little early) our 10 year anniversary.   We dropped the boys off at my mom and dad's and headed north.  We drove up to Ludington, Michigan.   It was a very cute little town.

It happens to be the town where the giant ferry crosses the lake to go to Wisconsin.  It only goes a couple time a day and we were fortunate to see it come in and then leave again.  That evening we enjoyed a wonderful dinner of fish and chips and walked all around the town.  And...we had some ice cream of course....probably the BEST ice cream I have ever had!  YUM YUM!

 We just took our luck and found the perfect little inn.  It was right on the water and we had our own little patio.  It was super quaint to just sit, watch the boats and eat our breakfast.

That next morning we took a walk out to the lighthouse...it was really windy...but a beautiful day. We were very surpised by Ludington and can't wait to take the boys back some day.  Love it when those spontaneous plans work out!
 On Tuesday morning, after the walk to the lighthouse we decided to take the lakeshore drive up to Mackinac.  It took a little longer..but was really neat to drive through lots of little towns and follow the beach.  There were lots of cool sand dunes along the way.

We took the 4:00 ferry over...got checked into our bed and breakfast...met up with the friends who went along...took the 8 mile bike ride around the island...ate a yummy dinner...and walked along the streets of Mackinac.   It was lovely...so quiet and quaint after the crowds go home on the last ferry.

Wednesday morning we took a personal carriage ride throughout the town...I had no idea about the size of some of the mansions...and was surpised to see the "normal little suberbs" in the center of the island where the locals live.  I did learn that I am REALLY allergic to horses...and even riding in the carriage behind the horses gets me all stuffed up.
 Our carrigae ride ended at the fort, so we took that tour.  I admit I am NOT a huge fan of forts..but this was was very cool and very well displayed.  
 Andy even got "locked" up for a bit!
 After lunch...and a quick nap...we took a tour of the Butterfly House.  It was pretty...But HOT!
 We even came upon a little "butterfly love"
 We grabbed a quick dinner at a pizza place...then Andy and rode around the island again!   We stopped and enjoyed the sunset....I love this...I guess this is what they mean by a "every cloud has its silver lining:
 Thursday morning we took a walk up to the Grand Hotel...we took a tour of the little church and went as far as we could onto hotel grounds until they booted us off.
 Andy and I took a walk...I never knew there were so many trails inside the island.  This one was way cool with all the wild flowers blooming.

We came across arch rock on our walk...very cool.   We hiked back through the woods...very cool.
 While waiting for our friends to join us for lunch...we were amazed at this guy and all the luggage he could pile on his bike.  He was fun to watch.
 Lunch was at a cool restaurant overlooking the water.
 That afternoon we took more bike rides...and ended up at the highest point on the island.  What a view...

well worth the huge climb up there.
 That night we got dressed up and had a fancy nice dinner.
 We had been waiting to have this planked whitefish since we had it over 10 years ago when we went to Mackinac for the day with some friends.  YUM YUM!

A view from the fort at our bed and breakfast
 Our quaint little room...perfect for the time we were there
 The b and b had a cute little courtyard where we were served breakfast every morning.  The cinnamon rolls were out of this world.
 Friday morning we rode around the island again, packed up...bought our fudge and took one last walk down main street.
 Before the ferry ride back to the mainland.
 We drove over the bridge onto the UP and had some famous pasties...basically chicken pot pies!
We debated about stopping on the way home...but decided to just drive home and enjoy a nice peaceful night at home before the boys came back from being with Grandma and Grandpa Ted.  It was Seth's last football game...and he was surprised to see us...made it worthwhile.

It was an amazing trip...we were really blessed every way around...except that my bike seat broke and ripped my favorite shorts.  It was wonderful to spend 5 days with just Andy (and some friends too) celebrating our marriage!