Tuesday, August 14, 2012

3 River's Parade

On Saturday, July 14 Kate's Kart walked for the first time in the 3 River's Parade.   What an experience.

We had a great group of walkers...from family to volunteers to board members to friends
 The worst part was the waiting...and waiting. They told us to be ready by 8:45..we didn't start walking until 10:45.   The worst was just not knowing when we were gonna move. The kids did great...we learned Grant loves Cherries! 

 Look at all those boys..
 The float...obviously with the busyness of the summer, we didn't have a ton of time to put into the float.   Andy did an awesome job re-adapting a cardboard tree we saw in a Target display one night.  We had a kart...a tree with all the hospital names...lots of posters and signs and book character stuffed animals.   I think it turned out great for our first year.
 Finally we were moving...probably had at least a mile before the parade actually started.  We were number 138.

During VBS, kids filled all these goodie bags.  I thought for sure we had a ton! They were gone within the first 3 blocks.   Wasn't expecting THAT many kids.
 Andy drove the 4 wheeler...he was LOVIN' his job.
 The kids did a great job...they loved passing out the goodie bags.

And before we knew it...it was over.  The actual parade seemed really short.  There were lots of people waving and cheering for us.  I found myself just scanning the crowd...looking for familiar faces. 
Afterward...my parents and us had lunch at Pizza King...NEVER did a Diet Coke taste so good.