Sunday, August 5, 2012

Canton/Home Sunday/Monday

On Sunday morning we woke up and headed out of Philly pretty early as we knew we had a lot of driving that day.   We drove all day...all the way across Pennsylvania (wow, that is a large state...and a little expensive to drive on their turnpike!)

We arrived in Canton, Ohio around 7:30, got a hotel room, went swimming and grabbed a quick late dinner before settling done for some Olympic watching.

Monday morning, we headed over the Professional Football Hall of Fame.   It was induction week, which meant the new inductee's were being honored that following Saturday.  There were lots of tents set up everywhere and we even had to park way out and ride a shuttle in.

It was really a pretty neat museum.  I spent most of my time trying to entertain Grant...but we were amazed at what all they had.  Only 5-7% of their memorabilia is on display. 

 The Hall of Faces...pretty cool
 trying on football helmets from over the years....they've made a lot of progress! The new ones are surprisingly heavy
 There were lots of displays and interactive things that kept Grant fairly busy
 Seth was really enjoying it and asking lots of questions of daddy.
 He especially loved the fan faces in the gift shop...I think we tried on about 5!

Then...since we were super close and Andy is a history buff....we stopped by the McKinley Memorial.  It was quite impressive.

And then... another 4 hour drive home.  We stopped late for lunch and had a special "end of vacation ice cream" close to the Indiana border.  I think we finally got home around 7...unloaded...Andy mowed...grabbed some Subway and fell into our own beds.

It was a GREAT vacation...really nothing went wrong.   The weather was perfect for the beach.  The boys really did exceptionally well.   My parents were extremely generous.  And lots of memories were made!

BTW....Seth was on a licence plate hunt...he found all but about 5 states:  Alaska, Nevada, South Dakota, New Mexico and Montana.   It kept him quite busy and we had to circle parking lots to check out all the cars!  Imagine his surprise when at 1 stop for lunch we found Hawaii!