Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Rookie Camp

Just a couple days later..on July 17 Seth left for Rookie Camp with church.  It is a 3 night camp in Marion for incoming 2nd and 3rd graders.   After experiencing Kids Blitz in May, he was all excited to go...even knowing that we would have to pick him up a little early on the last day in order to leave for vacation.

It was a little rough on me...not being able to go with him.   I could have...and counseled the girls...but with just coming off VBS and leaving for vacation, it just wasn't possible.  I LOVE CAMP...and I would have even loved it more experiencing it with Seth.  Maybe next year!

Thankfully, a friend who went with his son posted some pics on Facebook....I was able to snag them and post them on here.

It was super hot, of course, wasn't the whole summer?    They went kayaking!

 They went on the climbing wall.  Seth made it up this time...but was too scared for the zip line.  Maybe next year!
 There were like 16 boys from our church...plus 4 or 5 girls.  The theme was Creation...so one night they all had to dress up like an animal!  Seth is one of 3 chickens...back left.   We didn't hear about the costumes until the night before...mad dash for the party store.
 What a great time bonding with church friends...and learning about God's word
  I guess one of the highlights...shaving cream fight!

Seth loved every aspect of it.   He talked our ear off on the way to Cape May.  It was the 1st time I wasn't able to even talk with him on the phone.  I've gone over a week without seeing him...but at least talked with him on the phone.  I think it was good for the both of us.