Tuesday, August 14, 2012


For the 2nd year, I directed VBS at our church. This year it was from July 8-12. The theme was SKY...Anything is possible with God.    It was definitely easier this year, since I had 1 year under my belt...but it was still a LOT of work.   Last year we were expecting 75 and had 130.  This year we planned for 150 and had 200!  It was crazy.

Fortunately, I had 2 wonderful friends who co-lead the SKY HIGH, which was a separate VBS for 5-7th graders.   That was held in a completely separate area of the church.

We had an amazing team...and the week went awesome...except for when I tried to be silly and do a somersault....forgot my glasses were on my head and split my head open!

Here is our Children's pastor, Music pastor and Executive pastor singing...they were hilarious!
 it was so fun to lookout and see all those kids...especially during music time
 We were blessed in that Kate's Kart was chosen as the mission project for the week.   We put a huge goal of $1,000.00.   We even made this balloon that would rise each night depending on how much money was brought in.  It was a slow start, but by the end of the week...that balloon was high flying all the way to the ceiling.  Overall....a couple dollars short of $2000.00 was raised.  WOO HOO!
 It was so neat to see the kids excited about putting their offering in...even Grant wanted his pennies every night.
 Seth loves VBS and he really likes to help me.  He would go early and stay late each night helping me out.  He is definitely a hard worker...and I think he likes having a "heads-up" of what is happening each night.
 It was Grant's first year to be a apart of VBS.  He loved it.  He would (and still does) sing the song every night.  

They even wrapped them up like Lazarus.   Grant is on the far right.
 He made a great buddy too....can't wait to spend more time with Andrew throughout the school year.
It truly was a blessed week.   I feel blessed to be a part of this all and work with all the wonderful volunteers.  But...at this rate...we need a committee for next year.  Thankful to God for bringing all these kids to hear HIS word! We can trust him!