Sunday, September 23, 2012

Grant goes to Preschool

It was way back at the end of August when Grant and I headed back to Leo Preschool for his meet the teacher day!  We've been out of the preschool loop for 2 years was exciting to be back with our little guy. 
He is in the teddy bear class with Mrs. Hiatt.   He goes on Tuesday and Thursday for 2.5 hours.
He was pretty excited this day....he found so many toys and we worked hard on finding his name!  There is a girl name Grace...and  I guess to a new 3 year old it looks a lot like Grant!

The first day of school was the Tuesday after Labor Day.   There was actually a fog delay so he didn't even go until 10:30.  Andy took the day off to take Grant to it was  a nice surprise when we all got to sleep in a little.
 He was so excited to be able to take HIS picture for school.  I think he remembers all the times Seth has gotten to take his!

We get to decorate a bag for school.  Grant couldn't decide...Spiderman or excavators!  Pushover Mom let him have both!  I remember frantically trying to make Seth's while Kate was in the hospital.  It was fun to be able to do it with Grant, go shopping for fabric, let him pick it out and watch his excitement as I made it!  He was so proud!
How I love my little guy...he's growing up TOOOO fast!
 He was all thumbs up for school.   He didn't even hesitate to get out of the car....gave us a wave and was on his way!
 Since Andy had the day off...we took him out to lunch after school and then explored the new country store in Grabill. It was  fun way to celebrate our little guy.


Anonymous said...

Our little guy is growing up.