Sunday, September 23, 2012

September through a few photos

Well where did September go?  I knew it had been a while since I blogged...but a whole month? 
Well here is a glimpse of September...based on the few pictures I have!
Lots of time playing with neighbor girl Stella.  They are great playmates and her mom and I are becoming great friends.  It's nice to have someone to watch Grant when I need help and vice versa!  This day...we had a picnic lunch outside!

Our tomato supply has been out of this world this summer.   This is just 1 of about 8 pickings this big.   I've made tomato sauce and frozen it, frozen bags and bags of tomatoes, made salsa, given them to neighbors, cook with's definitely been a summer of tomatoes!

We've taken several trips to the zoo!   Here is Grant with his best friend Stella again!

 He wasn't afraid of the snake at, on the other hand...gets way freaked out!
 Watching soccer on Saturdays....Seth is on his 5th year of Upward soccer.  He is getting quite fact we have talked about maybe moving up to a more competitive league next year.  Here he is on the way to 1 of his multiple goals per game!
 Spending time with these 2 goofballs...really some days I'm afraid of what they will think of when the get older!
 More Soccer!

 How about them peaches?   I spent an afternoon freezing peaches!  LOVE LOVE LOVE me some peaches with some warm oatmeal in the winter time!
 One weekend was our church children's clothing resale.  I am the treasurer now, which means I get some added perks of shopping early.    This was our stash this year!   I feel so fortunate to be able to purchase all of our boys clothing for the whole season.  And...with the stuff I sell...I still made a profit and made money!   This incredible ministry allows our boys to dress WAY nicer than Andy or myself.

other highlites?
--scrapbooking with friends
--date night at annual REMC free concert---this year was Clay Walker
--enjoying the fall days going on lots of bike rides with Grant
--movie night and popcorn
--getting a smart phone...have never felt dumber!
--starting up Wednesday night activities at church
--starting up Teeny Tikes and Tunes at church with Grant
It's been is...but that is what keeps us out of trouble, right?