Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bookin' It For Kate's Kart

Kate's Kart was honored to be chosen by a group of young professionals, The Garrison Group, to be recipients of a 5K that they were planning and organizing.  One of the members was deeply touched b Kate's Kart when his son was in the NICU.  This group wanted to give back...and we were lucky to be chosen.
So on October 13...the day arrived.   I had been sick with the flu the day I was glad that I wasn't planning on running.   I thought I might, and tried the couch to 5K a couple times...but it just never worked out (mainly to bad knees)  The Garrison group wanted a member of Kate's Kart at the finish I gladly jumped on that job!
The first thing that morning was a Kids' Fun Run.  It was 1 time around the track at Summit Middle School.  Seth was excited...and he came in 2nd.
Grant was so cute...he just kept running.  I was really surprised he could make it around the whole track...he did!

Then it was time for the 5K.  It was really neat to see everyone who came out:
One of Kate's nurses from Indy drove up to walk with her good friend who moved to the fort
3 sisters that grew up with Andy came and ran together
A volunteer and his granddaughter ran the race together (her first)
Nana and Grandpa Ted walked...Oompa babysat and Grandma volunteered
Friends from high school volunteered
The mom of the kids I used to babysit when I was a teen came out
Families of kids who received books came out to run
It was just really fun to see these people come together for a great cause

But, I was most proud of Andy!   He had been working hard and training for this for a long time.  He did run and ran the whole thing.   What an awesome way to run your first a race named after your daughter!
Next year I am at least walking...maybe running some of it!    Besides the fun (even though it was a little chilly) we were honored to receive over $3200 from the group!  What  a GREAT 1st year for the Bookin' It For Kate's Kart!


Anonymous said...

YEAH for the Garrison Group.