Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fall Break..Part 1

Seth's fall break started on Thursday, October 18.   I helped out with his fall party that afternoon.   My friend Erica did a great job making some fun treats for the kids
Stella and Grant...buddies all the time!  It just so happens that Stella's sister, Sophia, is in Seth's class!
Seth working on his spider during the craft time!
That next day, Friday...Seth had the day off school.   My MOPS group took a tour of the Parkview Stadium where the TinCaps played.    It was a cold dreary morning but we had fun.

Overlooking the field...the day after the new sod had been layed.
in the locker rooms....really quite plain I thought.  Maybe during the season they are more "fun!"
Down it the my boys!

With bobble head Johnny!
Afterward, we went to the downtown library...had a doughnut treat and got some fun books.