Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fall Break...Part 2

Saturday morning we slept in a little (it was the 1st Saturday in months when we had nothing pressing on the calendar.   Andy even went out and got muffins and flowers (what a gem!)
We then bundled up and headed outside...we had a lot of work to do!  We cleaned out all the flower beds, tore out the garden, mowed and got ready for winter.   I tell you...those boys are HARD workin' boys.
Grant just loves his wheelbarrow...he would take everything to the curb
 Seth was a clipping maniac...carrying more stuff out

The yard looked bare...a sign that winter was on it's way!

That evening, we carved pumpkins.  I always think it's ironic how we build up carving pumpkins with the boys and then don't allow them to use the knife. Neither one of them wanted to dig out the they were pretty much spectators.   Seth did draw his design on his and Andy cut it out.
 I cheated and used a template!
 Grant had a little melt-down when he realized we weren't carving all 7 pumpkins on our front porch that we had for decorations.   Yes...I am forcing him into a picture!