Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fall Break...Part 3

On Sunday...we headed up to Waterloo for a couple hours at Amazing Fall Fun.  It was a gorgeous day..perfect to spend some time outdoors.
First stop was the corn bin...oh the fun you can have with a sandbox of corn!
 Then the boys spent quite a bit of time jumping off the hay bales!   So fear!

 Then off to the corn maze. They did a great job of having some fun stops throughout the maze.  In some areas you could definitely see the effects of the summer...the corn was barely waste high
 But in other was as tall as me and harder to see your way around.  We spent about 45 minutes winding our way through the corn.
 We did find the giant tunnel slide out in the field!
The weather was perfect....but we had to come home to get Seth to choir practice...but not before a stop at Steak and Shake for a little treat!

Both Andy and Seth had Monday off school...but since we had been going all weekend...we took advantage of a day at home and just relaxed.  It was nice...nothing major on our schedule...just some playing and napping!    Although we didn't go anywhere on fall break...we still had a great weekend...saved some money and actually felt like we had a break!