Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pool Closing

Way a month ago...the last time I was September 30...the last night the pool Andy manages was open.  It's become a tradition to go swimming that night.  I think the 1st year it was unseasonably warm...since then...not so much.

But still...we are sticklers for tradition so we went.   It was chilly out...but the water was heated.  We swam for about 20 minutes...until the boys were shivering and turning blue.  It's become a fun memory...just something silly we do...and by the looks on the boys faces...they had fun!


Shari said...

Sure have been missing your blogs, Krista!! The pool "talk" is interesting but, surely there is more news than that after a whole month!!?? Did the boys go Trick or Treating tonight? Did Cape May get blown away in the storm? Stay warm and I will look for more news!