Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Weekend at Chain O Lakes

For the 4th year...we joined Nana and Oompa at Chain O Lakes for their Halloween Weekend.  The boys and I went up Friday night...did a lot of bike riding and walking...playing on the playground...cooked hotdogs and smores...and snuggled in a warm camper.
Saturday morning Grant, Nana and I took a hike to the lake while Seth played with his cousins.
 We HAD to pick up every stick we saw along the way...batting at every branch we passed.   It was a nice leisurely walk!
Then...after some lunch and some yummy kettle corn fresh from some friend's campsite...we headed over to paint some pumpkins at the campground tent and daddy joined us!
We walked around and looked at campsites...some people go ALL out, including this one who brought up an old abandoned camper and "haunted" it!  Grant was fascinated by it!
He kept saying....There's a foot in the oven!  That's silly!
Then it was time for treak or treating.  We went as a family unit this year... People either got it or didn't!   Guess you have to be a Peanuts FAN to really get us.
Our little Snoopy as the World War 1 Flying Ace!
We walked up and down the campsites getting candy.   The weather was perfect during that time...but being behind a mask for 2 hours was not pleasant...nor was being under a sheet.  Oh well...Seth was a really trooper though.

Checking out the stash...not bad for round #1
The campground offered a hayride...that was fun seeing all the sites.
That evening we did lots more walking...checking out all the decorations.
Seth loves tending to the fire...he would throw any and everything in it if allowed.
Oompa treated us to hot breakfast each day...yummy pancakes on a chilly morning!
Lots more bike riding.  Grant was in heaven...considering how much he loves riding his bike,
Thanks Nana and Oompa for sharing your camper.  It was a great weekend.
2 funnies from Grant:  He really does say the darndest things:

1.  We were using the restroom...the water in the toilet was yellow due to the iron.  He kept flushing and flushing.  I asked him why...he told me:  "It doesn't work..the potty keeps coming back!"
2.  We were walking around looking at decorations near dusk.  At 1 site there were 2 ladies bundled in blankets sitting very still by the fire.  Grant pointed out the pumpkins and other decor and then said, very loudly:  "And look at the old witch by the fire"   Ah...the joys of a 3 year old!  Fortunately, the ladies just laughed.