Friday, November 30, 2012

Catch Up Night we sit on the last night of November and not 1 post this month.   What is up with me?   I always think about...but it just doesn't get done.   But...for the sake of keeping my "diary" up to date and for Sherri...I will get all caught up...and PROMISE PROMISE to do at least 2 a week through December.

Looking back at my looks as if we left off with.....

Well...problem #1 was that I was out of space for pictures...guess nothing in life is free!  So...I splurged the $2 a month and upgraded my storage space....only to also find out that our computer (that is really messed up now) won't let me upload any pictures.  UGHGHG!

I guess this is the sign that it really is time to take it in somewhere.   It randomly plays this bizzare music throughout the day...and occasionally we hear a conversation between really does appear that "big brother is watching us" . won't load a lot of things/websites.  So...I'll add that to my list of things to do.

In the meantime, maybe I can get Andy off the laptop (he's way busy watching you tube  clips) and transfer some pictuers over so that I can get caught up!

I tried...really I did!


Anonymous said...

I feel for Andy. It is so easy to get lost in "Youtube Land"

Shari said...

Great blog, Krista! Thanks! Your boys are so blessed to have parents such as you. What fun times you all have together!