Friday, November 30, 2012

November...the 1st 2 weeks.

November started out with Seth's first bible quiz meet on November 3.  It was held at our church which made it super convenient.    He did amazingly well (of course) and got 2 perfect rounds which put him in the top 10 for that competition.  They are studying Acts this year.  He was  a little hesitant to do it again this year...but once he got going and experienced the 1st competition....he was fired up and ready to go.   Now we just have to wait until January for the next meet.

Meanwhile...Grant is just as ornery and playful as always.  We have 1 single tree in the backyard that produces 1 small pile of leaves.  Grant is used to playing in MOUNDS AND MOUNDS of leaves at Grandmas...but that didn't stop him him from having some fun 1 sunny afternoon.

On November 9, Seth had a special honor at school.  Each kid wrote a letter to a veteran thanking them for their service.  Seth's letter was picked from his class, which meant he got to read his letter in front of the whole school on Veteran's Day program.  I was really proud of him.  He can be a little shy in front of people...but he is slowly outgrowing that!   YEAH for Seth!
And...on November 10...Nana and Oompa treated the whole family to see A Christmas Story at the Civic Theatre.   The older boys loved it and got a lot of the humor of the play.
It was Grant's first live play....and he did really really well!  He did think it was over each time the lights when out and there was a scene change....but overall he did awesome. 
We were even treated to pizza at Clara's afterwards!  Love my mom and dad...and so appreciate all the opportunities they provide for us.