Friday, November 30, 2012

Winterfest in Portland

Our holiday festivities officially got a kick start on November 16 when we headed to Portland to spend some time with Grandma and Grandpa Ted.  We drove down on Friday after the boys got home from school.  Grandma had made Thanksgiving and we gorged ourselves on the first round of turkey and stuffing (she does make AWESOME stuffing).  We played some games and just hung out.   Grandma and I stayed up and watched a Hallmark Christmas movie!  That channel is dangerous...if we had that...all I would do is sit and watch sappy movies all night long.
Saturday morning Grandma and Grandpa took the boys to breakfast with Alvin the Chipmunk...I slept in!  WOO HOO! Something about Grandma's spare bedroom...I have NO problem sleeping in there!
   Andy and I went to Walmart and bought some decorations to make a wreath for Kate's tombstone...such a surreal time!   I do love picking out some fun pink girly things though.
After lunch...we went downtown and took a horse drawn carriage ride around town.  It was really pleasant outside which made for a nice ride and wait in line.

We toured the courthouse and looked at all the trees.

The boys went back to watch some football while Grandma and I checked out a few shops.
At 6:00 we headed back downtown for the light parade!  Small town parades always crack me up, because I think anyone can be in it.  In this case, you just have to strap some Christmas lights to your truck!   There were several fun float and the boys LOVE all the candy that gets thrown their way.

After the parade, several of Ted's daughter's and their families came over for a soup supper.   It's been great getting to know them over the past few years. 
We put the boys in their jammies and headed home around 9:30!  It was a great kick-off to our Thanksgiving week!