Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Morning

I thought for sure we would have some late risers on Christmas morning, considering they had been sleeping until at least 8:30 lately and with Seth's late night...but NOPE...up bright and early a little before 6! We had told them we wouldn't go until 7...but after about 5 minutes of hearing them, we knew we couldn't make them wait an hour!   One last glimpse of being "good" before heading down the stairs!
 Santa brought a new air hockey cool!
 and cool new bean bag chairs for the playroom
 Grant loved his stocking...just kept saying everything as he pulled it out!
 Seth was pretty excited about his new camera from mom and dad!
 Nana and Oompa came over around 10...Oompa always has his big Santa bag!
 Nana and Oompa got the boys a new flash rider!

What a blessed family we are

 And so blessed to have Nana and Oompa in our lives!  They spoil us too much!
I did have to laugh..about 10 minutes after the chaos of presents was over....Grant was laying on the floor watching a Halloween Calliou and Seth was upstairs playing with last year's b-ball goal.  Too funny!

Besides the camera, Seth got new markers/crayons, a Diary of Wimpy Kid shirt, Lorax Movie, nerf gun, Qwirkle  Grant got several Spiderman toys (which is ALL he asked for, and has barely touched them), alphabet toys for the tub, Spiderman shirt, toy weedeater, new piggy bank.  They both got a new Geotrax airplane to go with their train set.

Andy spoiled me with new gym shoes, an engraved bible, pajamas and a Lands End Coat.  Andy got lots of clothes, floor mats, bungy cords and reading glasses ( I have to tease him about those!)