Friday, December 21, 2012

Preparing for Christmas

We've been spending the past few weeks preparing for Christmas.  It seemed so far away...and here we are just days away.  I still have Christmas cards to mail as well as presents to pack.  I am glad to say that they are all purchased though, which might be a record for me.
We've done a few fun things and are hoping to get in a few more this weekend.  We have really been enjoying quiet evenings at home watching movies and eating popcorn.
We've been doing some Christmas baking!  
 We decorated most of the house Thanksgiving weekend...but held off getting our live tree.  We got it put up last week (finally!)  Grant was so cute..he loved pulling out each and every ornament and yelling what it was.
 Some day..they will be doing this all by themselves...without being lifted up...oh to cherish these days.

 We also painted ornaments...that was a little stressful on this overachieving mommy...just something about blue candy canes!   Oh well...they had a blast!     (I have been babysitting Kael, far left, 2 days a week...he has been a great playmate for Grant.)
With the horrific shootings in Connecticut...I really wanted to let all the teachers/staff at the boys school know how appreciated they are.  We do trust them each and every day...and we have been blessed with wonderful teachers.   I made little treat bags filled with all sorts of mints (gum, Mentos, candy canes, Andes mints, lifesaver mints, etc ...and wrote  a little note:

Thanks for your commitmint to help Grant learn.

Thanks for the encouragemint you give him to do his best.

Thanks for your involvemint in his life.

Thanks for the investmint of your time and energy to Leo Preschool.

Thanks for making each day an enjoymint.

Thanks for helping to create a loving environmint. In which Grant can flourish.

Everything you have done this year has really mint a lot to us.


I gave them to principals/directors, all the special teachers, bus driver, etc.  Hopefully they will know how appreciated they are!
Seth's teacher is awesome this year!  I just love her.   She really challenges Seth and pushes him to do his best.  Plus...she is just a fun, neat lady.   I wanted to do something special for her this Christmas season...I came up with a fun idea.   She loved it...when I went in to work in the class, she said it made her day everyday to see what Seth would bring in.    I know how much I appreciated encouraging parents when I I'm glad I can be an encouragement to her.
For the 12 days before Christmas break...she got a small gift each day.  I guess I should have taken a picture each day and put it on Pinterest!  Oh well....
On the last day...this is a total list of what she got! 
On the 1st (school) day before Christmas (break) my student gave to me
     12 chalkboard magnets
         11 sheets of stickers
         10 peanut butter balls
         9 chocolate mint cookies
         8 grading markers
         7 Christmas cookies
     6 cans of soda
4 loaves of bread
     3 packs of gum
     2 dozen mints
               And a gift certificate to a restaurant
 I had the most fun with the grading markers...I put them inside this super cute crayon easy and fun...just hot glue the crayons to a box! 
This weekend we hope to drive around and see some lights...wrap up the rest of the presents and maybe bake 1 or 2 more things.   Based on how much the boys fought today on the 1st day of break..we are going to have to keep them busy and engaged...that's for sure!


Anonymous said...

Where did all this creativity come from? Not your mom!