Saturday, December 1, 2012

Santa Lighting

It w  as the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and it was a beautiful day. Seth had already had the day off...and Andy got a surprise day off when school was called because of fog!  We grabbed a quick bite at Taco Bell and headed downtown.  We knew it was going to be super crowded because it was like 60 degrees outside.  On our way to the Santa display, we went through the Grand Wayne Center...that was the time to go....cause it wasn't crowded..we got a cookie and Grant got right in to see Mrs. Claus.

We made our way to the Santa display along with everyone else in Ft. Wayne.  It was super crowded...but since it was so mild really wasn't that bad waiting.  I just love the people watching.



 We took our time walking around...taking time to play on giant signs.  The weather was amazing.  We made our way over to the TinCaps Stadium to watch the was  little chaotic getting in, but once we did we found some seats and awaited the show.  It was a fun fun night...thanks to some great weather!


Jackie said...

Looks like you had a great time!!