Saturday, December 8, 2012


As always...Thanksgiving day was filled with family, food and friends.

It started out watching the Macy's Day Parade.  I love that really is my wish to go see it someday.  I get overwhelmed thinking about dealing with the crowd in such a busy city...but someday...IT WILL HAPPEN.   I was in and out of the kitchen making breakfast and some last minute snacks for Thanksgiving.

We headed over to my parent's around Noon....The first thing, once everyone got there...PRESENTS from Maureen!  This has become quite the tradition and the boys & Nia are spoiled rotten by Art and Maureen!

 Seth got an electrical allows you to set up all sorts of circuits!  Engineer Scott gave them all kinds of tips on cool things to do!  They even got an amp tester got official!
 Dinner was were the "big kids" table!  They polished off an entire bottle of sparking grape juice!
 We put the "little kids" at their own table....they did remarkably well!
 Yummy yummy in my tummy tummy!  My's deep fried turkey!
 The grown up table...friends and family
 The rest of the day was filled with game playing, football watching and a few naps here and there!  The day always seems to go way too fast!
What a wonderful day to truly take time and be thankful for all HE has given me!  I am blessed!