Sunday, January 29, 2012

Momma Kitty

RIP Momma Kitty
Momma Kitty has been a part of our lives for many years.  She was a stray that showed up at Andy's house long before we even met.  She was pregnant (hence the name Momma). 
Overall she was a great kitty...barring an incident a few years ago when she had a bladder infection and chose our brand new carpet as a litter box. 
The past year or so, we've noticed that she was getting older...throwing up a lot.   And...she started urinating in the house...once right in front of Andy. 
So, as hard of a decision as it was...Kitty was put to sleep last weekend. 

She brought a lot of joy to our house (a few sneezes for me too) but the joy she brought the kids was well worth it.
Seth ADORED her...and often petted her.  Here he is letting her talk on the phone.   He used to plan birthday parties for her.   He did even decide to cut her hair one time when he was 3...his aim was a little off and he ended up nicking her ear.   I will always remember how he sucked his thumb whenever he petted her.  And...we can't forget the responsibility he learned when feeding her. 

Grant also loved kitty...most of the time.  He had plenty of time in "time out" for kicking her...they seemed to "tolerate" each other at times.   Now...he tells us that kitty is with baby Jesus and won't be coming home.    He loved getting ice cubes out of the freezer and putting them in her bowl.
Even Kate adored kitty....I remember one time when she would pulled on her hair and then tried to eat it...her mouth was full of hair.

Kitty will always have a place in our home...she was painted into the mural in the nursery by Grandma.  Andy "saved" kitty when we redid the room....she will always be right there, right next to Seth's bed.

She was a beautiful cat...and overall a good one.  We miss you Kitty!


We woke up on a Saturday morning (Jan. 21) with several feet of snow.  Unfortunately, that meant that bible quiz AND basketball were cancelled for the day.  BUT...with finally enough snow we headed to the Mackie Mountain and did some sledding.  It was Grant's first time...and he LOVED it.
 He went down the first time with didn't seem to bother him, but he much preferred going down with mommy and daddy.

It was a fun family time.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Snow Snow Snow

The first "real" snowfall of the season came today.   Luckly it didn't really start until everyone was home safely from school.  We stayed home and had a little fun in the snow.

Andy was super excited to get his cross county skiis out...he's been itchen' to go skiing all winter.  He skiied around the yard while the boys played.
Grant loves to mow the snow...but this time it was a little deeper.
So he gave up and decided to use one of his diggers.
Seth and I played a little soccer....but he didn't like me continually knocking him down in the snow.
It was a fun time...but we are still waiting for that perfect snowman packing snow.

Then in normal (from Sam's), baths, fire, movie and popcorn...all cuddily and cozy in our warm home.

Kate's Angel Day

Last Sunday was Kate's angel day.   It is still hard to believe that it has been 4 years.    In some ways the time has flown other's seem like forever since I've held her.  It was a pretty normal Sunday...we went to church.  Seth had a quizzing party all Andy, Grant and I had a lazy afternoon.  
After picking up Seth, we went and bought some balloons.   We each wrote a special note and tied it to the balloons.   I was especially touched by Seth's note.
 Grant was really excited...he is beginning to understand that he has a sister that lives with "baby Jesus"in heaven.   He drew her a picture.

We went outside and let them's become our little tradition.
Grant wasn't so sure about letting the balloon go.

 Then of course we had to honor Kate with some ice cream.
 So thankful for my boys.
I love what our webdesigner put on the Kate's Kart website:
 As each year passes, Kate's memory does not fade, but grows stronger and brighter through her legacy which has given thousands of hospitalized children and their families the simple gift of a smile.  Thanks Laura...well said!

Friday, January 6, 2012

The end of 11...the start of 12

It's been 2 weeks since!   We had a busy week after Christmas...
Seth had a skating party at the ice rink with his school.   He and I went with some friends, grabbed  a quick dinner and skated the night away...well Seth skated.  He did pretty well...and is anxious to go again.  He had a blast with his best bud Nathan!

 Of course we spent time playing with our new toys and moving the double basketball shoot game upstairs (that was a complete joy (NOT)....according to will now be sold with the house)  Amazingly, it doesn't take up the whole room, especially when it is folded up.   One of Grant's favorite's is his new painting set!  Seth joined in the fun too!

 a masterpiece in the works!
 We did visit some friends in New Castle...spent time just talking, bouncing at a bounce zone and dining on Pizza King pizza.  Plus...Andy got me a NOOK, so we've all been playing Angry Birds...and trying to improve our finger swipe, now that we have "one of them fancy things!"

New Year's was spent quietly with our family.  We did go out to dinner...drove through the Festival of Lights one last time and grabbed some YoYo's...before coming home to spend a quiet night in front of the fire reading.   Grant was out by 9....Seth was excited to stay up.  The 3 of us toasted in the new year with some sparkling grape juice!   Welcome 2012
 Then the fun of taking down the Christmas decor.  We had noticed this earlier, but was reminded when we took down the tree.   Grant has been randomly finding paci's all over the house.   He found these 2 and put them on the tree!  Isn't that adorable.  He had no "urge" to use them...he said those we when he was a "baby!"
 Andy went back to school on Tuesday...and it snowed so the boys and I played outside.  It wasn't the best snow for playing in...but of course fun can be had with boys and snow...even if it doesn't pack or throw!  In fact...Grant preferred "mowing" the snow.

So...Andy's been back 4 days...Seth 3!   Grant and I are trying to get into our normal routine again, which will include more time at the Y and leading a toddler music/dance program at church.   We topped off our first Friday night of the new year in our old style:   swimming at the Y, pizza, movie and popcorn.   We got a new DVD/VCR player for Christmas so we pulled out an old VHS tape...Toy Story...what a classic.

We're looking forward to a weekend with not much on the calendar...before basketball season starts up.