Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Friends and babies...YEAH!

What an awesome surprise when I heard that one of my best buds from high school was expecting her first little bundle of joy!    How exciting...of course we had to throw a shower for her.   We have this group of 5 of us from high school...and way back...13 years ago...we had the first baby shower for Sharyn.  It was a mother daughter/shower...and how awesome that for Karla...we could have the same fun!   So..all 5 girls (from 3 states) and all 5 moms gathered on Saturday to celebrate Karla's new little one due in March. 

Karla with her awesome cake!
Thanks to a talented friend from church....the cake was a perfect resemblance of their nursery decor! 

                                           The five excited for our special friend...
                                                      and so excited about that baby bump!
 Karla opening her gift from me!   Seriously, there have been very few gifts that I have ever given that were more fitting and fun than this one!   Karla and her husband have Alaskan Malamute dogs AND ride motorcycles!   What is more fun than a malamute stuffed animal riding a diaper  motorcycle. 
 One of my other totally talented friends came over and helped me (okay, maybe she did most of it).  I especially love the spoon kick stand.   It packed full of  diapers, blankets, bibs, a bottle, socks and even a paci clip to hold it all together. 
 After playing some games....including mother/daughter Newlywed game and guess the #1 baby name from all 3 genterations (1945, 1970, 2011) and opening presents...we enjoyed some of the cake...and it was VERY VERY yummy!
 Then...we also decorated onesis for Karla's little one!  Hopefully, since she lives in Michigan...we can at least get a monthly photo of her little one wearing one of the onesies each month.  Here are all the mom's with their works of art.

It was a great afternoon and the 3 hours just flew by!   It's been almost 2 years since the 5 of us all got together.   But..the bonus of the day...all the hubbies (minus Mel's...who was runnign a marathon in NC) came too and we all went to dinner and back to our house for some time to chat.   It was great seeing all the guys...that had been probably at least 4 years since we saw some of the hubbies. 

Seriously...these are 4 of the bestest friends anyone could ever have...and after they leave...I feel totally blessed!  Totally sad that it will be TOO long before we get together again...but totally blessed to have them in my life.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

My little Valentines

The Monday before Valentine's Day...I hosted our church's preschool pals group at our home.  We decorated cookies with 7 2-5 year olds.  It was a lot of fun and Grant really enjoyed all his "friends' coming to his house for a little party of his own. 
 On Valentine's Day...Grant and I went into school and hung out for a little during Seth's party at school.  They played several games, did a little craft and as you can tell...loaded up on sweets.
That morning...Seth had a delay but Andy didn't.  He surprised us all by getting up early and bringing home fresh flowers, a fresh muffin for me and doughnuts for the boys.   What a special treat.

The four of us stayed home and celebrated that night with a nice dinner...I made crab legs, baked potato, asparagus and chocolate covered strawberries.  It was a nice night to just love on my boys.

Happy Birthday Andy

Last weekend was Andy's 43rd birthday!   Seth and Andy had their basketball game in the morning and then Andy picked Dawson's Dogs for a  quick lunch after the game.    We relaxed in the afternoon...Andy got a nap and a trip to the Y...2 of his favorite things.

Then...dinner at O'Charley's with my parents and back to our house for cake, ice cream and presents.   Andy chose a German Chocolate Cake...I made it from scratch and everyone was really pleased with the result.   Then...we spent some time playing with his new toy...a ROKU box...which basically allows us to stream through our TV.  So, now we can watch netflix, etc without hooking up our laptop.  Plus, it has all sorts of other channels we can now stream....kinda fun to play with.

 Grant was upset because he had blown out the candles, and we all told him "no!"   He is so fascinated with candles and wants them blown out the minute he sees waiting for the birthday song.
 the yummy yummy cake
Helping daddy blow out the candles...again!

It was nice relaxing day celebrating Andy!  He certainly deserves it.

Friday, February 10, 2012

A whole new look.

The time had come for us to replace the carpet in the living room that kitty had her "issue" with a couple weeks ago.   And...the carpet in our family room had never been replaced and was definietly showing it's age and wear. So...we bit the bullet and replaced both.   Thursday night the whole family tore out the old stuff.
We have quite a pair of workers.   Grant was always asking for little pieces that he could carry to the garage.

Working in the family room...yes...I think that is all the dust from pulling up 20 plus year old could see it the air.

 Grant was too 1 point he went upstairs to his tool bencj and brought down his own tools...including his razor cutter.  That boy is SHARP!  He knew exactly which of his 15 tools he needed.
Enjoying a little snack on the fireplace after it was all done...because.....
 this is what the dining area looked like....which also resulted in....
 Grant finding a new and exciting place to eat snack AND lunch.  He thought he was big stuff.
 So after a long night last night...and a long day today putting everything back (only after cleaning, wiping, sorting, trashing, purging and organizing EVERYTHING that went back in)...we have 2 very nice and cozy and clean rooms.   Glad to have a carpet that will "hide" a few more things than the last. 

Catching Up

Oops...not in a very good blogging rhythm yet this year.   Highlights of the past few weeks:

1.  Touring the new Parkview Regional Medical Center for Kate's Kart.  That place is amazing...the technology (including robots) is beyond this world.

2.  Date night with Andy. The boys went to Grandma and Grandpa Ted's for a night.  We went to dinner and out to a movie...can't remember the last adult movie we saw in a theatre!  Saw The was good...but oh the ending made me mad.

3.  Seth's basketball season is in full swing.  Andy is coaching.   We missed his 1st game because of the hospital training...but saw him last week.  The boy is on FIRE!   Can't wait to see him tomorrow.  This past week the Mad Ants came and  ran practice.   Andy was quite excited about their assistant coach (Christian Laettner) coming.

4. Crazy weather:   we're outside bundled up building snowmen in an unexpected snowfall on Saturday...and playing basketball outside in sweatshirts on Sunday.   It's been a very mild winter..not much sledding or skiing at all.

5.  Quiet weekends at home.  Grant was sick last weekend...spent time watching movies and just relaxing.

6.  Kate's Kart continues to be booming....lots of time in the shed, buying books and traveling all over northern Indiana doing presentations.

7. Geography Bowl...Andy led several girls in a district wide competition...they came in 2nd.   Now...he is in full swing for Academic Bowl.

Nothing earth shattering...just living life...watching my boys grow up to fast.