Monday, May 28, 2012

Mighty Machines!

The other day we were on a bikeride and discovered some Mighty Machines.  Evidently, some major tile/drainage work is being done in our addition.   It was quite the project that evidently required lots of machines.   It was a Friday the "workermen" had closed up shop early.  That gave us the opportunity to really explore the equipment. 

in the giant claw 
 Driving the dozer

 driving the skid steer

He wanted his picture with each and every piece of equipment...we probably spent well over an hour exploring and throwing rocks and sticks in the big buckets....and we still had tears when it was time to go.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Mother's Day at the Lake

I had a wonderful Mother's Day.   We were off to church for 1st service so that we could get on the road in time to get to Lake Tippecanoe for lunch.  We celebrated Mother's Day this year with my parents and my brother's family at the lake home of my brother's wife's parents.  

We took a quick boat ride before was a little overcast...but always fun to get out on the lake.  Both Seth and Grant loved every minute of the ride. 

Then....we had an awesome steak lunch (and yummy shrimp appetizer...seriously, shrimp has got to be my favorite food).   After lunch we all headed out for a much longer pontoon ride all over Big and Little Tippe lakes.  The sun had come out now and it was a gorgeous May day.  

"Gramdpa Walt" even let Seth drive the boat! 

 Obligatory photo with mom...doesn't look too happy!

The big cousins

and the little ones (the babies, as the big boys call them)

 and then watch out...Grant has the wheel all to himself!   The grin says it all!
And then some playing in the sand...throwing rocks in the water...and just plain old fun with the cousins!  There were tears when it was time to leave...sign of a really great time!  And there could be NO better Mother's Day present than to see your children just LOVING LIFE!

I was really excited about the gift I got my mom. She hangs yearly pictures of all the grandchildren in the hallway.   So...I got her a vinyl saying to put above it:    Nana and Oompa's House....where cousins go to become best friends.    How true..these cousins ADORE each other. 

Oh..and I'm pretty excited about my mani-pedi I got from my family!  Looking forward to a little relaxation later this month.

Mulch...spreading and chopping!

 Earlier this month...we had 3 yards of mulch delivered.   Seth and Andy were at school...and Grant was choppin' at the bit to get out and get to work!  So....on a beautiful Wednesday afternoon, Grant and I headed outside to see what we could get done!  He was an amazing help...he loves to work!

 A couple hours later, Seth got home and helped us finish up the last bit! the time Andy got home we were on our very last load.   It was a nice surprise for Andy since he has been super busy with the end of school.  I love the look of fresh mulch!  It's actually one of very few "yardwork" jobs I enjoy.

Then... a few days later, our neighbors 2 doors down took down 9 trees!   YIKES...glad it wasn't us...but it provided a couple hours of fun for the boys!   Their chopper/mulcher is one serious one point they put a complete 20 foot pine tree in...all at once!

 And...of course the machinery was cool too...and men climbing trees...and lots of noise.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Digger Boy

Boy, does this little guy LOVE TO DIG!   He spends almost every day digging somewhere in our yard.   As we plant more flowers and begin filling the garden, the areas are becoming more and more limited.   The other day, Grant and I went outside to finish edging one of the flower beds.

This shovel was the single best gift we could have ever bought him! 
 And obviously, he isn't afraid of worms.   He was quite diligent about moving all the worms to a different garden.   He'd find one and take it somewhere...and come back for another and put it somewhere else.  I'm sure he moved well over 25 worms that afternoon.
 And he was so cute when he said..."look mom,  I have fingernails"  
 More digging....and hauling the dirt!  Yep...we've entered the "bath everynight" time of the year.  
 It does amaze what help a determined 2 year old can be...he is definitely a hard worker.

It worked!

Andy's birthday present  plus
 some garden hose plus
 a soaker hose in the garden equals
 a very proud "eco" Andy
Yep...Andy is super proud of his rain barrel that is watering his garden with rain water.  It was an exciting night as the water made it's way down to the garden.   So glad he is having fun and saving us some money as well!

State Bible Quiz

All year long Seth has been participating in Bible Quizzing at Church.  He has attended 4 district or area quizzes since November.   He has done extremely well...and at the last district quiz he was in the Top Ten.  He earned that by having 2 perfect rounds. That honor allowed him to compete in the state quiz meet in Indianapolis today.

We drove down, arrived at the church and he was excited and positive about the competition. We have been working really hard...and he practices the questions almost every night before bed.  In fact...he and Andy even had a cut-throat competition last night.
 He is asked 2 rounds of 15 questions.  He has to pull the correct number corresponding with the correct answer out of his box.   It was NO surprise that he got himself 2 perfect rounds today.  That gave him a state all star ribbon (only about 7 kids out of 45 or so 1st-3rd graders got his award).  He was also part of the winning district. 
 There were 4 kids from our church today....2 in red level and 2 in blue.  They all did awesome...thanks to some very dedicated coaches who work all year preparing them for competition.
We are SO proud of our guy.  So proud he chooses this over his first flag football game.  So proud he has such a desire to learn...and to memorize God's scripture.

We did have a little disappointment today.   We originally thought we might go down and spend the night in Indy.  Well...we learned it was the Indy Mini Marathon and no rooms were available.  I knew the race went around the Indy speedway and I "thought" that was faraway from downtown.   So...we had plans to go walk the canal.   Guess not...evidently it isn't that far away and downtown was CRAZY and every other road was blocked off.   So...we came home with a very disappointed little guy.   But...he got to have a friend sleep over tonight and that cheered him up a little!