Monday, June 11, 2012

Laundry Room Redo!

Yes, I admit my laundry room was often a pit! Most days you could find random cleaning bottles and dirty towels just thrown on the washer. There were really old broken baskets holding random items...and items just thrown on the shelf. It was by no means a "nice" place to hang out.   It's really more of a closet...but still, it was kinda a catchall for everything. And since Kitty has been gone and we are able to close the door...that made for even more reason to "just throw things in there!"

Well...that's changed! My no-nonsense husband got to work and repainted the walls. I took the boys shopping and bought some new baskets and a couple pictures for the wall. My handy Andy built an extra shelf out of an old piece of cabinet (more on that later) and now we have 2 shelves!
I'm pretty excited..hoping that with more shelving and functional baskets...that it will stay clean...and it by chance anyone comes in through the garage door and the door is open...a nice, fresh, bright, clean laundry room will great them!

That's the plan anyway!

Happy Birthday Seth

Can't believe boy is 8!  We are seriously getting into the years that  you remember...forever!   It is my prayer that Seth has very fond memories of growing up...and his family...and of his birthdays.  Even though it wasn't the year for a big friend bash...we tried hard to make it special.

First thing...breakfast cinnamon rolls
(however, we learned we are NOT fans of Aldi brand, some things I guess you just can't go cheap on)

 Then we made his cake and he helped...for the most between trips outside to play soccer with dad!

That afternoon he chose McDonalds for lunch and then we went swimming with a couple of his friends.  Then....back home to get cleaned up for family.  After dinner of was time for the presents.

 He's pretty excited about an Andrew Luck rookie card from Grandma and Grandma Ted
 and a badminton/volleyball net from Nana and Oompa

and a new bike from mom and dad!


 so kind of him to share the candles with his brother!
 SURPRISE!  8 layers for 8 years!

 then it was time for some hard core beachball volleyball and badmitton
 He is certainly blessed with family that love and spoil him....Grandma and Grandpa Ted
 Nana and Oompa
and Uncle Doug, Aunt Amy, Elijah, Lucas and Nia!

 Yes...8 is great and it is going to be a great year!

Friday, June 1, 2012

PIcking Strawberries

We accomplished #3 of our bucket list today...picking strawberries.  The season just opened this past weekend..but it was 96 degrees...who wants to pick strawberries in super hot sun?     I knew that the season didn't last forever...and Seth is gone all next week at basketball I knew today was about the last day.  So even though it was like 50 degrees (yes, 40 degrees cooler than 4 days ago) we bundled up and headed out in to the fields...ALONE!  Guess no one else wants to pick on cloudy, cold, spitting rain days.  

We didn't care...we had a blast!  Grant was so excited about his bucket...he actually did really well and looked for red ones...we only ended up with a few not ripe or over ripe.  I was impressed.
Seth loved it too...he was so excited when I said we were going.   He loved finding the BIG ones.

 We had been there about 30 minutes..when I took one and ate it.  Grant had the cutest look on his  "Really, I can eat this?"  From then on...he was all about EATING the strawberries and not picking them and putting them in his bucket.
 Yep...they were juicy!

 So we spent a little over an hour...and came back with 3 buckets full of yummy juicy deliciousness! In fact Grant thought they were so yummy, he jammed his pockets full of strawberries too!

 And later that day....freezer jam, cleaned berries for the freezer AND some very yummy strawberry/rhubarb crisp!

Golly, I feel like I could live on the plantation (okay, maybe not! We did watch Little House on the Prairie last night...nope...that's not my ideal life)


I don't remember where I heard about this idea...probably on somebody's blog.  I loved it and thought it would be a great way to stay intentional with the boys during the summer. Since Andy is home, we tend to get OUR list of what we want to get accomplished...but sometimes forget to just play with the boys.  So this year, we made another one and have grandious plans to accomplish them all!

 We started on day 1 with washing the van in the driveway...we seldom do this, not sure's always a great opportunity to cool off...especially when it's like 90 degrees by 9 am!

 Grant got everythin wet...except the van!

And once Seth saw pillow fight on the list...we HAD to do that one right away!  So after baths...we all grabbed our pillows and went at it.   Seemed like forever to mom and dad...but WAY to short for 2 crazy little boys.

LOVE LOVE LOVE building memories with my boys!


The weather this year has been CRAZY.   We had our super hot 90 degree week in March...and once again it is hitting the upper 90's...this time over Memorial Day Weekend.    We took advantage of opening weekend of daddy's pool (that what Grant calls it) and went swimming on Sunday afternoon of Memorial Day Weekend.  

It was a little crowded...but they boys had a blast.  Grant is all about jumping and Seth loves to dive for diving sticks.   I'm sure there will be countless more days this summer at the pool.

Our Memorial Day Weekend was pretty calm:
Friday:  Seth and Andy went to Portland to put out flags..they came home late and brought home Grant who had been gone since Wed.  I spent most of the time doing KK work, but did find some time for cards with mom and 2 of her friends.
Saturday:  Seth's football game in the morning, then we all headed back to Portland for lunch and some time spent putting flowers on gravesites.  It's surreal...every year...I shouldn't be putting flowers on my daughter's grave.
Sunday:  Church, swimming and making of the Summer Bucket List
Monday:  Car washing, relaxing in the AC, bike riding and just enjoying our family.

School's Out for Summer

I know it's been said before...but where does the time go?  The days drag on...but the years fly by...and this one was NO exception.

We started a tradition back in preschool to go out for doughnuts before the last day of school.  That was when school started at 9...not 7:20.  But Seth and I are all about tradition, so we got up early and headed to Dunkin Doughnuts...if you're gonna have doughnuts, you might as well have the good ones!  Grant was staying a few days at Grandma and Grandpa Ted' it was extra special to have just some Seth and mommy time!  I cherish these moments when HE loves to spend time with me.

We made it just in time to catch the bus and have 1 last photo of the bus stop buddies....lots of new dynamics as 3 of them head off to middle school.
Seth had a fun time at school and was excited to be home for the summer....and then we got a call from the neighbor that she was having ice cream sundae we went over there....CHAOS as 13 kids grab for their favorite topping.

 His report card just came yesterday...perfect as expected!   He had a tremendous year academically...even advancing onto division in the timed fact tests. His reading has exploded and he now reads pretty much anything he wants...including 1000 page manuals about all the coins of the world. boy is GROWING up!

Once daddy got home we went out for pizza and watched a movie...he said it was a great way to kick off the summer!

Kidz Blitz my boy old enough to go to summer camp?  Certainly NOT!    On May 18-19, the 1st -3rd graders had the opportunity to spend about 24 hours at the district summer camp.  It's called Kidz Blitz and is designed to get the kids excited about camp...Mission accomplished...Seth is READY to go back.

I had the opportunity to was perfect because since I obviously had to stay with the girls, Seth was able to have his space.  But at the same time...I was able to see and experience the same things he well as capture some pictures.

There were 13 kids from church...we left on the church bus, drove to Marion and got unpacked.  First thing was dinner...yummy tacos!

It was the funniest thing...the kids were able to have as much to drink as they wanted...those boys were so excited about having 3-4 drinks...that is until it was time to clean up the tables.

Then there was some singing and worship as well as a storyteller.  We were heavy on the boys...10 boys and 3 girls. Needless to got a little rowdy at times.

The kids still had a few hours that night to jump on inflatables, play giant volleyball and hangout before devotions in their cabins.

We were up and at it first thing in the morning and after breakfast spent some time in different rotations including craft, lesson, scavenger hunt and the favorite:  climbing wall.  Seth was pretty excited to he is getting his instructions.

He went at it for about 15 minutes...he tried hard...but those rock are far apart and small for a little guy who has never done it before.   He chose to come down before getting to the top and doing the zip line.  I could tell he was a little disappointed...but I kept telling him he had ALL week this summer.

We ate lunch...had another worship time and played some carpet ball before heading home around 3.

It was a great little get-away and a great opportunity to see the camp.   Seth is fired up for this summer...and still wants to go even though he would have to leave a day early so that we can get going on our vacation.   I grew up at camp and have many many memories...can't wait for him to have the same.