Saturday, August 18, 2012

Stairway redo

Way back at the beginning of the summer, we tackled a project!  The staircase!

It was the only wall in the house we hadn't still had some really old, dirty wallpaper on it.

We attempted to hang pictures and make it look nice...but I would just keep adding them as our family grew...and they were crooked and out of place and would fall down and there were nail holes everywhere and it looked bad and didn't match and....
 So...the first week of summer break we took off all that old paper....and Andy rigged up some contraption to get to the high places.  And we began scrapping and scrapping...
 Grant LOVED playing with all the wall paper scraps.
 And...after some bright fresh yellow paint...and a couple trips to Hobby Lobby and a schematic laid out on the living room floor (I was so proud that I actually cut out templates)...we have a MUCH better looking staircase.   We were both really pleased with how it turned out and wished we would have tackled the job earlier. 
And I'm pretty excited about command strips...they are holding up really well and now we don't have a ton of nail holes in our walls.  Now if I can just remember to update the pictures periodically!

Bikin' Grant

Grant has a new passion...riding bikes.   He started riding an old one we still had from was a starter one, but it was way too small.  When trying to raise the seat, we broke it and he was crushed.  He was so excited to ride bikes like everyone else...I think a lot of that was spurred on from all the biking we did in Cape May.

Thanks to Facebook...some friends were willing to sell their son's was practicially new and even bigger.  Perfect size for Grant.

Now...everytime someone goes into the garage, he runs out there and grabs his helmet. He wants to ride all the time.   He has come a long way in the past first every bump would throw him off and he couldn't do's practically a pro!  He even has the whole braking thing down.

This week, he and I went on a 2 mile bike ride...that's a lot of time his little legs turn those little tires...but he LOVES it.   Looks like we are going to have lots of fun this fall taking lot sof bike rides.

1st day of 2nd grade

Last Wednesday (Aug. 15) was Seth's first day of 2nd grade. As always, it's hard to believe the summer is over. We got a lot done and had a lot of fun so no complaining.
We had gone to school twice...once for registration and once the night before to meet his teacher. We have heard nothing but outstanding things about Mrs. Eme...we're excited about the year.

Seth couldn't sleep well on Tuesday night...nerves and excitedness I think.  But..he was up and ready and chipper that first morning...ready to dive into 2nd grade.

 He best bud Nate was here the 1st day...he and his brother get dropped off a couple mornings a week.  They aren't in the same class this year...but seem to find each other at lunch and recess.
 The bus stop group...minus a couple kindergarten girls.  
 He still waved...isn't he sweet!
 Of course I had to bake him cookies for snack after the first day!   He came home really excited and was really excited about his teacher..he said he really liked her.  Glad the year is getting off to a great start.

Grant says he had a great first day with mom!   Andy started back with kids on Wednesday for it's me and Grant least for a month till he starts preschool 2 days a week!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Colts Camp/Anniversary

On Friday, August 3...Seth and Andy headed to Anderson to attend Colts Training Camp.  They had a great time watching them practice...and then did the autograph thing

 They said it was fun to watch Andrew Luck...what pressure is put on this guy!

 They fought the crowds...and came home with a Reggie Wayne autographed card.  They had heard he doesn't sign often and some friends who went twice couldn't even get his.  Seth was beaming from ear to ear when he was able to get it.
 College tuition?  Let's hope!
It was our anniversary...but since we had an AMAZING trip in June...I was glad that the boys were able to enjoy this special time together.   Andy was a sweetheart and brought me flowers and my favorite muffins in bed that morning.  We were able to get a great date night and movie in the following weekend.  Grant and I had a fun day...we did some Kate's Kart work and then spent almost 2.5 hours at the splash pad...that boy loves to play.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Rookie Camp

Just a couple days later..on July 17 Seth left for Rookie Camp with church.  It is a 3 night camp in Marion for incoming 2nd and 3rd graders.   After experiencing Kids Blitz in May, he was all excited to go...even knowing that we would have to pick him up a little early on the last day in order to leave for vacation.

It was a little rough on me...not being able to go with him.   I could have...and counseled the girls...but with just coming off VBS and leaving for vacation, it just wasn't possible.  I LOVE CAMP...and I would have even loved it more experiencing it with Seth.  Maybe next year!

Thankfully, a friend who went with his son posted some pics on Facebook....I was able to snag them and post them on here.

It was super hot, of course, wasn't the whole summer?    They went kayaking!

 They went on the climbing wall.  Seth made it up this time...but was too scared for the zip line.  Maybe next year!
 There were like 16 boys from our 4 or 5 girls.  The theme was one night they all had to dress up like an animal!  Seth is one of 3 chickens...back left.   We didn't hear about the costumes until the night before...mad dash for the party store.
 What a great time bonding with church friends...and learning about God's word
  I guess one of the highlights...shaving cream fight!

Seth loved every aspect of it.   He talked our ear off on the way to Cape May.  It was the 1st time I wasn't able to even talk with him on the phone.  I've gone over a week without seeing him...but at least talked with him on the phone.  I think it was good for the both of us.

3 River's Parade

On Saturday, July 14 Kate's Kart walked for the first time in the 3 River's Parade.   What an experience.

We had a great group of walkers...from family to volunteers to board members to friends
 The worst part was the waiting...and waiting. They told us to be ready by 8:45..we didn't start walking until 10:45.   The worst was just not knowing when we were gonna move. The kids did great...we learned Grant loves Cherries! 

 Look at all those boys..
 The float...obviously with the busyness of the summer, we didn't have a ton of time to put into the float.   Andy did an awesome job re-adapting a cardboard tree we saw in a Target display one night.  We had a kart...a tree with all the hospital names...lots of posters and signs and book character stuffed animals.   I think it turned out great for our first year.
 Finally we were moving...probably had at least a mile before the parade actually started.  We were number 138.

During VBS, kids filled all these goodie bags.  I thought for sure we had a ton! They were gone within the first 3 blocks.   Wasn't expecting THAT many kids.
 Andy drove the 4 wheeler...he was LOVIN' his job.
 The kids did a great job...they loved passing out the goodie bags.

And before we knew was over.  The actual parade seemed really short.  There were lots of people waving and cheering for us.  I found myself just scanning the crowd...looking for familiar faces. parents and us had lunch at Pizza King...NEVER did a Diet Coke taste so good.


For the 2nd year, I directed VBS at our church. This year it was from July 8-12. The theme was SKY...Anything is possible with God.    It was definitely easier this year, since I had 1 year under my belt...but it was still a LOT of work.   Last year we were expecting 75 and had 130.  This year we planned for 150 and had 200!  It was crazy.

Fortunately, I had 2 wonderful friends who co-lead the SKY HIGH, which was a separate VBS for 5-7th graders.   That was held in a completely separate area of the church.

We had an amazing team...and the week went awesome...except for when I tried to be silly and do a somersault....forgot my glasses were on my head and split my head open!

Here is our Children's pastor, Music pastor and Executive pastor singing...they were hilarious!
 it was so fun to lookout and see all those kids...especially during music time
 We were blessed in that Kate's Kart was chosen as the mission project for the week.   We put a huge goal of $1,000.00.   We even made this balloon that would rise each night depending on how much money was brought in.  It was a slow start, but by the end of the week...that balloon was high flying all the way to the ceiling.  Overall....a couple dollars short of $2000.00 was raised.  WOO HOO!
 It was so neat to see the kids excited about putting their offering in...even Grant wanted his pennies every night.
 Seth loves VBS and he really likes to help me.  He would go early and stay late each night helping me out.  He is definitely a hard worker...and I think he likes having a "heads-up" of what is happening each night.
 It was Grant's first year to be a apart of VBS.  He loved it.  He would (and still does) sing the song every night.  

They even wrapped them up like Lazarus.   Grant is on the far right.
 He made a great buddy too....can't wait to spend more time with Andrew throughout the school year.
It truly was a blessed week.   I feel blessed to be a part of this all and work with all the wonderful volunteers. this rate...we need a committee for next year.  Thankful to God for bringing all these kids to hear HIS word! We can trust him!

Bucket List...continued

We continued working on our bucket list during the month of June.

Went to the drive in...saw Madagascar 3...can you believe we were chilly. I think that was the last chilly day for like 60 days.

 Went to a concert...saw Oompa play.  During intermission Grant got to play the drums
 and Seth the tuba
 Went to Krieger park...if only they were always this friendly!
 Took  piggy bank savings to the bank

 went to the downtown library
 slept in different beds

 had a spray bottle fight
What fun memories...we're making progress...but fitting all the list this into the summer with everything else going on has been a chore!