Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Since we started talking about Halloween...Grant has been insistent on being Spiderman.  Not sure why...he hates Spiders and has only watched 1 cartoon of which he didn't like.  But..since he was very insistent...we knew we had to indulge him.
 We were so focused on the family costume for last weekend...we didn't spend a lot of time thinking about what else Seth would be.   He thought of a soccer player and put his costume together himself.
 We went over to some friend's house and took a few pictures!
 Grant and Stella...buddies always!
 Seth and his neighbor buddy John!

It was mass chaos with all those kids at the door at once...but they had a blast.
 It was a cold rainy night.  Grant lasted a little over an hour...and Seth went about 90 minutes before the cold rain was too much. But once inside the warm was all smiles when it came to another bucket full of candy! 
Can't believe it...Halloween is over!  I'm already feeling a little panicky about the all just seems to be going so fast!   Hoping to take some time to count my blessings this month!

What I Wanna Be When I Grow Up

A Recycling least for dress up day at preschool!

Weekend at Chain O Lakes

For the 4th year...we joined Nana and Oompa at Chain O Lakes for their Halloween Weekend.  The boys and I went up Friday night...did a lot of bike riding and walking...playing on the playground...cooked hotdogs and smores...and snuggled in a warm camper.
Saturday morning Grant, Nana and I took a hike to the lake while Seth played with his cousins.
 We HAD to pick up every stick we saw along the way...batting at every branch we passed.   It was a nice leisurely walk!
Then...after some lunch and some yummy kettle corn fresh from some friend's campsite...we headed over to paint some pumpkins at the campground tent and daddy joined us!
We walked around and looked at campsites...some people go ALL out, including this one who brought up an old abandoned camper and "haunted" it!  Grant was fascinated by it!
He kept saying....There's a foot in the oven!  That's silly!
Then it was time for treak or treating.  We went as a family unit this year... People either got it or didn't!   Guess you have to be a Peanuts FAN to really get us.
Our little Snoopy as the World War 1 Flying Ace!
We walked up and down the campsites getting candy.   The weather was perfect during that time...but being behind a mask for 2 hours was not pleasant...nor was being under a sheet.  Oh well...Seth was a really trooper though.

Checking out the stash...not bad for round #1
The campground offered a hayride...that was fun seeing all the sites.
That evening we did lots more walking...checking out all the decorations.
Seth loves tending to the fire...he would throw any and everything in it if allowed.
Oompa treated us to hot breakfast each day...yummy pancakes on a chilly morning!
Lots more bike riding.  Grant was in heaven...considering how much he loves riding his bike,
Thanks Nana and Oompa for sharing your camper.  It was a great weekend.
2 funnies from Grant:  He really does say the darndest things:

1.  We were using the restroom...the water in the toilet was yellow due to the iron.  He kept flushing and flushing.  I asked him why...he told me:  "It doesn't work..the potty keeps coming back!"
2.  We were walking around looking at decorations near dusk.  At 1 site there were 2 ladies bundled in blankets sitting very still by the fire.  Grant pointed out the pumpkins and other decor and then said, very loudly:  "And look at the old witch by the fire"   Ah...the joys of a 3 year old!  Fortunately, the ladies just laughed.

Fall Break...Part 3

On Sunday...we headed up to Waterloo for a couple hours at Amazing Fall Fun.  It was a gorgeous day..perfect to spend some time outdoors.
First stop was the corn bin...oh the fun you can have with a sandbox of corn!
 Then the boys spent quite a bit of time jumping off the hay bales!   So fear!

 Then off to the corn maze. They did a great job of having some fun stops throughout the maze.  In some areas you could definitely see the effects of the summer...the corn was barely waste high
 But in other was as tall as me and harder to see your way around.  We spent about 45 minutes winding our way through the corn.
 We did find the giant tunnel slide out in the field!
The weather was perfect....but we had to come home to get Seth to choir practice...but not before a stop at Steak and Shake for a little treat!

Both Andy and Seth had Monday off school...but since we had been going all weekend...we took advantage of a day at home and just relaxed.  It was nice...nothing major on our schedule...just some playing and napping!    Although we didn't go anywhere on fall break...we still had a great weekend...saved some money and actually felt like we had a break!

Fall Break...Part 2

Saturday morning we slept in a little (it was the 1st Saturday in months when we had nothing pressing on the calendar.   Andy even went out and got muffins and flowers (what a gem!)
We then bundled up and headed outside...we had a lot of work to do!  We cleaned out all the flower beds, tore out the garden, mowed and got ready for winter.   I tell you...those boys are HARD workin' boys.
Grant just loves his wheelbarrow...he would take everything to the curb
 Seth was a clipping maniac...carrying more stuff out

The yard looked bare...a sign that winter was on it's way!

That evening, we carved pumpkins.  I always think it's ironic how we build up carving pumpkins with the boys and then don't allow them to use the knife. Neither one of them wanted to dig out the they were pretty much spectators.   Seth did draw his design on his and Andy cut it out.
 I cheated and used a template!
 Grant had a little melt-down when he realized we weren't carving all 7 pumpkins on our front porch that we had for decorations.   Yes...I am forcing him into a picture!


Fall Break..Part 1

Seth's fall break started on Thursday, October 18.   I helped out with his fall party that afternoon.   My friend Erica did a great job making some fun treats for the kids
Stella and Grant...buddies all the time!  It just so happens that Stella's sister, Sophia, is in Seth's class!
Seth working on his spider during the craft time!
That next day, Friday...Seth had the day off school.   My MOPS group took a tour of the Parkview Stadium where the TinCaps played.    It was a cold dreary morning but we had fun.

Overlooking the field...the day after the new sod had been layed.
in the locker rooms....really quite plain I thought.  Maybe during the season they are more "fun!"
Down it the my boys!

With bobble head Johnny!
Afterward, we went to the downtown library...had a doughnut treat and got some fun books.

Bookin' It For Kate's Kart

Kate's Kart was honored to be chosen by a group of young professionals, The Garrison Group, to be recipients of a 5K that they were planning and organizing.  One of the members was deeply touched b Kate's Kart when his son was in the NICU.  This group wanted to give back...and we were lucky to be chosen.
So on October 13...the day arrived.   I had been sick with the flu the day I was glad that I wasn't planning on running.   I thought I might, and tried the couch to 5K a couple times...but it just never worked out (mainly to bad knees)  The Garrison group wanted a member of Kate's Kart at the finish I gladly jumped on that job!
The first thing that morning was a Kids' Fun Run.  It was 1 time around the track at Summit Middle School.  Seth was excited...and he came in 2nd.
Grant was so cute...he just kept running.  I was really surprised he could make it around the whole track...he did!

Then it was time for the 5K.  It was really neat to see everyone who came out:
One of Kate's nurses from Indy drove up to walk with her good friend who moved to the fort
3 sisters that grew up with Andy came and ran together
A volunteer and his granddaughter ran the race together (her first)
Nana and Grandpa Ted walked...Oompa babysat and Grandma volunteered
Friends from high school volunteered
The mom of the kids I used to babysit when I was a teen came out
Families of kids who received books came out to run
It was just really fun to see these people come together for a great cause

But, I was most proud of Andy!   He had been working hard and training for this for a long time.  He did run and ran the whole thing.   What an awesome way to run your first a race named after your daughter!
Next year I am at least walking...maybe running some of it!    Besides the fun (even though it was a little chilly) we were honored to receive over $3200 from the group!  What  a GREAT 1st year for the Bookin' It For Kate's Kart!