Sunday, December 30, 2012


We took off on Saturday after I ran the kart at PRMC and Andy did some more snow blowing.  Our first stop was lunch in Auburn at Cebollas...gosh I love that place.  We got to Pokagon State Park around 3 and checked into our room in the Inn.  The boys were so excited...they just LOVE staying in a hotel.  We got all bundled up and headed outside.  The line for  the toboggan run wasn't too long so we jumped on the chance and rented a sled.   Grant wasn't so sure...and Seth was excited until we got to the top and were getting on the sled.  He gave me the look of fear and said he wasn't going.  I said, too bad...too late...hop on! was a hit for everyone.  Both boys loved it and asked to go again.   It was a beautiful day...the snow was falling and it wasn't too cold.  Thankfully, Andy was "Superman" and carried the sled up the hill.   We did the run 2x on Saturday.
 We got some hot chocolate and sat by the firepit.

and explored around the inn...watching others go on the run and sitting by the lake

We came back to our room, got warmed up and headed to dinner at the Inn.  After dinner, we just relaxed...playing games (I love that all 4 of us can play Qwirkle together (okay, so I help grant, but he is getting it...sure beats Candyland).   Seth and I started working on a puzzle while Andy and Grant colored.

Andy and grant ended up going back to the room...and Seth and I stayed up till 12:30 getting that darn puzzle done.    It was so frustrating...of the 550 least 50 were missing at the end.  I was going to take a picture of it...but they tore it down by the time I got back there in the morning. 

Sunday morning we got up and went swimming first thing...ate a yummy breakfast buffet at the lodge and then headed back to the toboggan run for 2 more trips down.   Besides the walk back up the hill with grant, it was super fun.

It was  a nice little get-away.  The weather was perfect to enjoy the outdoors at the state park and just staying in the Inn had a calming effect (even though the lobbies were packed with lots of family Christmas parties)  That's okay...we found our own little nook and had fun...just the 4 of us.

The 1st Snow of the Season

The first snow came the day after Christmas....the only bad part was we were still in Portland.  After a slow drive home...and Andy plowing out 5 driveways and the walkway at Woodland Lakes...we were able to head outside and play.

It wasn't the best playing snow..but the boys had a great time, none the less!
The next day...we went sledding with the cousins which was even more fun...The boys love it in the if I could just keep gloves on Grant, we would all be happy!

Christmas Evening

We spent a few hours of Christmas day somewhat cleaning up!  Every year, we have the same "issue"  I love the "chaos" of Christmas and want all the presents under the tree for a day or two.  I don't mind the clutter and love randomly going to the tree to get what I need.  Andy on the other hand, would prefer to put everything away immediately....we've come to find a nice compromise, at least on my end.   We packed up and headed to Grandma and Grandma Ted's around 3.
Of course presents were 1st on the list...we tried to hold them off...but after about 20 minutes of small talk..the boys were chomping at the bit!     Seth got a new science lab and a neon sign well as some cool new clothes (he's glad he got new swishy pants, and not jeans for school)
 Grant got some new track and another train for his Geotrax...we're going to have to rent out space for them to set this monster up.
Andy got new clothes (he is going to be dressed to the hilt)...and I got a griddle, pajamas and we both got money for new kitchen rugs!  YEAH
 Grandma always spoils us with stockings too..and each item is wrapped!

and this year...they were overflowing.  She even spoils Andy and me with stockings too!
 After dinner...we had a birthday party for Jesus.
 That evening it was just the 6 of us. We all played Qwirkle and Ted and I played Rumikub.  The boys played with their new toys before we all stayed the night. 

Blessed to have Cathy and Ted in our lives as well...they spoil us too!
 My 2 Christmas their super cute Santa hat shirts!   How long are they going to let me dress them alike?
We had an early Christmas breakfast on Wednesday with all of Ted's family (minus the 2 who had to work) We cut it short because of the snow storm and left for home by 11:30.  It took us 2 hours to get home (mainly because 469 was shut down).  

It was a wonderful, blessed Christmas...spent with family, the ones who matter most!

Christmas Morning

I thought for sure we would have some late risers on Christmas morning, considering they had been sleeping until at least 8:30 lately and with Seth's late night...but NOPE...up bright and early a little before 6! We had told them we wouldn't go until 7...but after about 5 minutes of hearing them, we knew we couldn't make them wait an hour!   One last glimpse of being "good" before heading down the stairs!
 Santa brought a new air hockey cool!
 and cool new bean bag chairs for the playroom
 Grant loved his stocking...just kept saying everything as he pulled it out!
 Seth was pretty excited about his new camera from mom and dad!
 Nana and Oompa came over around 10...Oompa always has his big Santa bag!
 Nana and Oompa got the boys a new flash rider!

What a blessed family we are

 And so blessed to have Nana and Oompa in our lives!  They spoil us too much!
I did have to laugh..about 10 minutes after the chaos of presents was over....Grant was laying on the floor watching a Halloween Calliou and Seth was upstairs playing with last year's b-ball goal.  Too funny!

Besides the camera, Seth got new markers/crayons, a Diary of Wimpy Kid shirt, Lorax Movie, nerf gun, Qwirkle  Grant got several Spiderman toys (which is ALL he asked for, and has barely touched them), alphabet toys for the tub, Spiderman shirt, toy weedeater, new piggy bank.  They both got a new Geotrax airplane to go with their train set.

Andy spoiled me with new gym shoes, an engraved bible, pajamas and a Lands End Coat.  Andy got lots of clothes, floor mats, bungy cords and reading glasses ( I have to tease him about those!)

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve we left for Nana and Oompa's around noon.   The boys were so excited all morning...they couldn't believe that Christmas was FINALLY here.  For me...if seemed t come super fast, as it does every year...but I guess for little tends to NEVER come.
The cousins arrived a little later and of course the 1st order of business was presents.  We exchanged gifts between the cousins....Seth got bey blades and Grant a dream light.  Our family also got a super cool new bike rack for our van/car!  It is really nice. and dad surprised Doug and I with a DVD of all the slides from us growing up.  That was super special....a real treasure.

 I didn't do a very good job the rest of the day with taking pictures.  We mainly relaxed, played a few games and had our annual Christmas Eve meal: spare ribs, mashed potatoes, sour kraut and peas. The kids do such a great job playing together now, which makes it much more enjoyable to relax and enjoy our time as a family.

We left Grant with Nana and Oompa while Seth, Andy and I went to church.  We picked up Grant..came home and fed the reindeer. 

 After getting into our new Christmas jammies, we watched Charlie Brown and had some popcorn.   At bedtime we did our annual Christmas Eve traditions:

Andy read about the birth of Christ from Luke 2
 I read "Twas the Night Before Christmas"

We left cookies for Santa
 And we got super excited about being able to open our presents after just 1 more sleep!
Grant was exhausted so he was out quickly....Seth, however took several hours to fall asleep...I think it was well past 11 before vision of sugar plums danced in his head.   I finished preparing brunch for Christmas Day before hitting the sack!

Edgar, the last week

Giddy Up Cowboy

Just a swinging...on a monster truck tire swing
 A special message a couple days before Christmas

An elf has gotta do what an elf has gotta do
 Handstand on the mantel
 Fishing in the bathroom
 Edgar left Christmas pajamas for the boys...normally the pajama elf brings them on Christmas Eve..but Edgar left a note saying the the pajama elves were too busy and so Edgar delivered them!
 Even Edgar gets it...on his last night here...he was reading from Luke 2 in the bible.
It was a fun year with Edgar.  The boys really enjoyed finding him each morning and seeing what new trick he was up to.  He's gone for now...but will be back again next year!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Edgar the Elf...Week 3

 The boys were gone for 2 night the weekend of the 7-9th.   Edgar missed them and brought a special candy cane seed kit for them.  The boys loved putting it together when they got home.

 All planted...not to place under the Christmas tree to grow
 They excited!
Uh oh...Edgar got stuck!
 Going for a little boatride
 I know they made where are they?
 Reading the grinch with his mouse friend!
 Edgar...that's not nice....drawing on their baby pictures!