Saturday, February 16, 2013

Celebrating Kate's angel day

It was a month ago (January 15)....the day that Grant got his cast on that we had our "celebrate Kate" night.   Hard to believe that it had been 5 years since she went HOME...finally completely healed.   5!   Some days it seems like yesterday...other seems like a lifetime has passed.  
We started a little tradition 5 years ago...that night was no different.
We went and bought balloons.  The boys each get to pick out a balloon for Kate.  Grant picked out a tinkerbell balloon.
Seth picked out a pink heart.
We wrote a simple note to Kate on each balloon.  Grant drew a "G" cause that is what he has recently learned.   Seth wrote a touching note about how she will always be his little sister and how much he misses her.   We attach the notes and Kate's Kart bookmark and send the balloons up to Kate! true Kate fashion...we have some ice cream! 
Over and over again I am SO grateful that we have Kate's Kart...a living legacy that's growing and flourishing and giving back.   SO helpful in our continued healing process....a process that isn't even close to being over, even 5 years later.