Saturday, February 16, 2013

Grant's cast journey

Grant did really well with his wasn't long before he was jumping on his brother and using it as a small weapon.    We went back to the Dr. after about 1.5 weeks for a check-up.   He had another x-ray.   It's healing well...come back into 1.5 weeks! 
 So..we went back...hoping/expecting  to get the cast off.  By this time, it was getting a little "Stinky"   He had finally decided that we could write on some of his loved ones wrote their names.  We were wasn't quite healed yet!  Dr. asked if he would be "gentle" with it...we opted to leave it on another 1.5 weeks.
 So...back we go February 16.  They took the cast off...with the pressure saw!  Grant was pretty intrigued
 A few snips of the guaze
 and FREEDOM!   It looked good...a little pale...with some dry skin.  But we didn't find any treasures inside! was on for 4.5 weeks.   He got lots of attention...a few gifts.   Whenever anyone asked what he did...he replied:  "i fell off a bed!"    Nothing really stopped him...and the only thing we didn't do was go swimming or take a really good bath!
We came home with a velcro splint...just to keep it safe for a another week or so!    I think his bath he took that night was the most fun he had in the bathtub for a long time!

So...for our 1st experience with a cast...for Andy, me or the went well!   Not that we want to do it again...knock on wood!