Saturday, February 16, 2013

Grant's Valentine's Day

Grant's Valentine's Day began with Preschool Pals from church.  It's a group of moms and preschoolers who get together once a month for some fun and fellowship. This month I hosted it and we decorated cookies.  Sprinkles, icing and 3 year olds...guaranteed fun!

                                        This was 1/2 of the group...they did really well!

Then on Wednesday...he made his Valentine's cards.  He wrote a "G" on each card and put a couple pieces of candy in a little bag!  He was so cute.  He was insistent on buying princess cards for the girls.  I mean..."throw a fit to the point that I am embarrassed at Meijer" fit. 

On Valentine's Day, I went into his classroom for his party.  They started with cookies and ice cream.

 I led them in a heart BINGO game and they played a "pin the heart" game after they passed out their Valentines.
 He was so excited about his bag of Valentines...most especially his whale crackers...GO FIGURE!