Saturday, February 16, 2013

"Perry"dise Carnival

Seth's school carnival was on February 8th.   The theme was "perry"dise (a play on his school name, Perry Hill).   They always have a cake walk and with that a cake decorating contest.   Seth was all excited to decorate his cake.

After a quick trip to the candy store...he had his beach scene all ready!   Loved the sour patch kids laying on fruit roll-up towels on a bed of graham cracker sand! excited boy who came home with 1st place in the best themed cake!   Yeah for Seth!

Oh, and I must report that Grant cried hysterically through the WHOLE decorating time...."I wanna decorate too!   I wanna do it!  Seth won't let me!   ME! ME! ME!"    Oh how unfair it is to be the younger brother.  Poor kid...NEVER gets to do anything!  HA HA!  He was so distraught, it was almost comical! And you know Seth was all about it being HIS cake...not Grants!