Saturday, February 16, 2013

Seth's Valentine's Day

Seth's teacher had her 1st annual Valentine Box competition. Seth was all excited.  He wanted to make a cat.  So, thanks to a new shoe box...some recycled pop cans and some scrapbook paper...he had his cat!
 He got all his Valentine's ready...and headed off to school.  I joined him for his party....I made heart cookies for all the kids....they were a HUGE hit!
 They played a bunch of minute-to-win-it type of games...this was a candy obstacle course!
 and everyone loves throwing marshmallows (just not cleaning them up!)
 I love that I can come in and see him interact with all his classmates...he was SO excited that he won "FUNNIEST" box after a class-wide vote.    They all took it so seriously.   The whole class did so well on their was neat to see.   Here he is with his learning group...all girls :)