Saturday, February 16, 2013

The rest of the month in pictures

Just a few other scenes from the last month!
Seth is playing's really hard for me to get a decent photo in that gym!  He is doing great and looks forward to his game every Saturday
 We celebrated Andy's glad to have him in our life!

 Every once in a while..they are so SUPER CUTE and get along....every once in a while!
 Seth had his 2nd bible quiz of the year in late January.    I missed most of it due to a Kate's Kart speaking engagement...but Mr. Smarty Pants got 2 perfect rounds and was in the top ten!
 We got a few small snow storms.  Andy was battling the flu one the boys and I tackled the driveway!  They are actually pretty good workers!

 Seth didn't have school the day after the Superbowl!  His buddy, Nate spent the night and we had a very little and low key party!
 I took Seth to the Y a couple times over his 4 day winter break weekend.  He loves playing in the gym.  He is now old enough to be in their by himself.   I left to go workout in the fitness room and what a surprise when I checked on him and he was playing  a little pick up game with some other boys!  
 Seth had a b-day party.  Grant and I had a date at the mall.  We dined on Taco Bell, rode the carousel and played in the little play area.  He loves that place...even with his cast!
Seth had his 3rd quiz meet on Feb. 16.  It was a district wide quiz...he once again got 2 perfect rounds and was in the top ten again!   That kid is scary smart...things just stick with him WAY to easy! We're so proud of our little guy!


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