Saturday, April 27, 2013

Getting ready for Easter

It was the Saturday before Easter and we headed over to Hickory Center Elementary for the Triple Point Church Easter Egg Hunt.  It was a beautiful morning, nicer than it had been all year...which brought the people out!   We got a quick picture with the Easter Bunny before the crowd came.
We ran into friends from church and chatted while we waited for the okay to go!

 Grant and Andrew hunted in the 4-7 age group!  We moved Grant up because he is a GIANT and he would have trampled on the little ones.  Grant had a better idea of what to do...but he kept missing his basket as he threw the eggs into it. 
 Aubrey and Seth hunted in the 8-12 group.  It was chaos...lots of kids running like mad men. It was some cut-throat egg hunting.
 It was fun, but went really really quick.  I think they said they had over double the attendance of what they had in the past, which meant they only got about 6 eggs...but it was still fun and they experienced the "thrill of the hunt."

After lunch we decorated amazes me how much fun they have doing this.   We colored 3 dozen...but they could have easily done 15.   I love the simple joy it brings them and we don't even do anything fancy.

All ready for the Easter bunny to hide!  We enjoyed a quiet evening at home watching Peter Cottontail and relaxing because I didn't have to prepare Easter lunch the following day.