Friday, May 31, 2013

Grant's last day of Preschool

 Grant's last week of school was the week of May 13.     He had his program on Tuesday May 14.   He sang songs, including "This Little Light of Mine"    He did really well, and sang all the songs and did most of the motions.

 He does tower over everyone else in his class.
 Here he is walking across the stage...having his "moment in the spotlight" as he got his special gift.
 Thursday was his last day...we continued a tradition we started with Seth and went out for doughnuts.  Andy had a conference, so he was able to go which was great.   Kael, the boy I have babysat got to go along with us...
 along with Kael's younger brothers, who I watched that day too.
 We came back for some quick pictures....can't believe the shy little boy back in September is now a sure little guy.

Yeah for the last day of preschool!
I also had fun making some little teddy bears driving cars...perfect for the teddy bear class!

It was a great year for Grant...he definitely gained a little more self-confidence and hopefully learned a little too!  He's ready to go back when he turns 4!