Monday, May 6, 2013

Our Little Scientist

Last week at just happened to be Seth's special week...AND the topic for his weekly speech was:  science experiment or magic trick!   Well...we just happen to know someone who is REALLY GOOD at science tricks!  So...we invited Oompa in and he and Seth did a whole hour long show!
They met the weekend before and went over was a great hit with the kids.
Here is Seth making his own, white and blue with acids and bases.

 More with acids and bases...making a strawberry float!
 The kids loved it and Seth did an awesome job on all of the experiments.  We had a little excitement with some smoke and the staff not wanting the alarms to go off because of ISTEP...but overall...I think everyone enjoyed it.
Thanks Oompa for sharing your time...and building more memories with Seth!