Monday, May 6, 2013

Seth's big week

It was Saturday, April 20 and the boys were at the Tin Caps game for school night.  I was at our church resale.  I got a text and a friend we know via Kate's Kart offered us 4 free tickets to the Tin Caps game on Sunday...AND a chance for one of the boys to throw out the first pitch.  How could we refuse that. 

So..after a few phone calls...all the grandparents were coming and we had 8 tickets.  We arrived on Sunday afternoon and Seth and Andy went down to the field.  Right before the game...3 kids got to throw a pitch.  1st a b-day boy, then a player from some b-ball team...and then they announced Seth's name as being with The Garrison Group, the charity of the day (that was who invited us, and just happens to be the group that does the 5K for Kate's Kart).

It went fast...but I'm sure for an 8 year old, it was a great experience.   Grant seemed oblivious to the whole thing, until Seth came back with the b-ball he threw.  So...a quick trip to the gift shop and some Cotton candy and he was good to go! 

Due to some other church choir commitments of Seth that night...we had to leave the game early. It was actually a nice afternoon for a game.

Waiting at the dugout
Out on the field, waiting to be called
 Getting the ball handed to him...notice his name on the big board! Pretty cool!
 And was a week later and his best bud Nate asked if he wanted to to back to the TinCaps again with his family.  So...Seth went on a beautiful Saturday night.   They were on their way home when Danielle (Nate's mom) called and said her brother was at a local country club with some of the IU basketball players...and that they were going to stop by for some autographs and pictures.

Andrew, Nate and Seth with Cody Zeller

With Victor Oladipo and Christian Watford hour later Seth comes home with  autographed professional pictures and pics of him and 4 of the IU basketball players.   Evidently, Nate's uncle was part of a car dealership that brought them in for a charity/autograph session...and they just happened to be having dinner across the way. 

Again...another awesome opportunity...that lucky kid!