Friday, May 31, 2013

Seth's last day of school

Friday, May 31 was Seth's last day of school.   We continued our tradition with a trip for donuts.   Andy stayed home with Grant, so Seth and I had a little mommy date.   We were up early and at Dunkin by 6:30...I'm always amazed at how many people are buying donuts so early in the morning.

 We came back in time for a some traditional pictures.  Golly he looks tall!

The mom's at the bus stop had a little surprise water gun fight!  We got summer started with a bang...and some ice cream!  Too bad it was cloudy and rainy...but we still had fun!
 The brothers are always at each other.  Grant was SO excited.
 Bus stop buddies!    Yeah for summer!

 This year was amazing for Seth...he had an extraordinary teacher.  She is funny, kind and pushed Seth in so many ways.   I so appreciate her and totally gave me complete confidence in the public school system and the teachers.  I just pray that next year will be just a much a blessing as this year has been!