Monday, May 6, 2013

Spring Break

We stuck around the house for Spring Break this year...after kicking the weekend off with Easter....

Monday:  The boys were at Grandma and Grandpa Ted' Andy went out to work and I spent the day at the storage unit.   I think we were both glad to get some work done.  After a "date supper"  we headed to Decatur to pick up the boys

Tuesday:  Worked around the night...dealing with broken van

Wednesday:  Went bowling...still dealing with broken van

Thursday:  Dealing with broken van...packed and were on our way to Bluffton when we got a phone call from a friend's brother, a car dealer, who had a van for us.   He was leaving the next headed back with 2 very upset boys..but came home 6 hours later with a  NEW VAN!  Woo hoo!  The old van was falling apart...chugged gasoline and just didn't feel safe.   Happy to be a 2010 Chrysler Town and Country

Friday:  Loaded up again and headed back to Bluffton, this time making it all the way.  We explored the buffaloes

Climbed the fire tower
Ate a picnic lunch
 Took a really long bike ride throughout the park and into Bluffton
 Saw lots of cool sights we had to stop along the way

 Grant was a trooper..figured he rode well over 5 miles...that's a lot for those little legs
 Climbed the fire tower again (well, Andy and Seth did,while Grant and I played on the playground)
It was a beautiful day...a perfect day to be outside.  In fact, the boys even came home with rosy cheeks and a red neck.
Saturday:  Cleaned the porch and got down the cushions, put away Easter and welcomed Spring.
Sunday:  Back at it...ready to head back to school and routine, after a quiet day at home. big trip...but so thankful for a couple fun things around home and a new van!