Monday, May 6, 2013

State Bible Quiz

Saturday, May 4, was the state bible quiz in Terre Haute.   We knew it was going to be quite the drive, and thanks to some generosity from some friends who had a connection...we decided to get a hotel.  We met Grandma and Grandpa Ted along 69 and dropped off Grant...knowing it would be a lot of driving for him.
We headed on to Terre Haute...going through Indy during rush hour, and the weekend of the mini!  After stopping for supper, it took us almost 5 hours.  We were glad to have a place to sleep and get some rest.
After a TERRIBLE stop at McDonalds for breakfast..we were off to the meet.
Seth was a little nervous...he had to hold his box on his lap
But....he and Aubrey, did outstanding...both getting double perfect rounds...not missing one question.

 In fact...all 5 quizzers from Grace Point got double perfects..and were part of the winning district.   And...'s on to world in June!

We stopped for lunch...had some awesome pie and had a much quicker drive home...avoiding all signs of traffic.   We are so proud of Seth and his accomplishments this 6 quizzes he has only missed 1 question...pretty darn good I must say...cause even after I ask him the questions over and over, I still can't remember all the correct answers.

It was a nice little trip with our 1st born..he was so cute..just sitting in the back row of the van...playing his DS and reading....I think he read 3 books on the trip.   Golly I love that kid!