Monday, May 6, 2013

The soldier who ran away!

Being married to a history buff...I'm never quite sure what battlefield I might visit on a vacation.  This was yet another new experience.
Andy's family is into their genealogy and have traced their ancestry way back...back to 1791 to  a man named Cyrus Sackett.   He was of very few that survived the most devastating Indian defeat in US History.   It was St. Clair's defeat, and thousands of army men, women and children were killed when attacked by Ft. Recovery, Ohio. 
But not Cyrus...he chose to run...and he ran and ran and escaped...thus going on to marry and bear children...and so on and so on.
Well, on May 5, Fort Recovery, Ohio had their 100th anniversary re-dedication of the monument that stands as the largest unknown solder grave in the US.   They invited all descendants from those who fought in the battles to come as special guests.  We headed over there.
We explored the fort and read a little on the history

And then there was a ceremony...with lots of Ohio dignitaries, and flags and 21 gun salutes and patriotic singing.    Here is Andy standing as they recognized all the descendants.
Uncle Dave (Grandma's brother), Grandma, Andy, Grant and Seth....the blood line...descendants of Cyrus Sackett...the solder who ran...and we're all so glad he did!

 The cutest thing...Grant is very sensitive because Seth is always getting ribbons and trophies for his quizzing.  We hear often:   "I didn't get a ribbon"  "I don't have a trophy"  "Seth is good at everything and I"m good at nothing"    It breaks my heart.  Well...he got his ribbon may say descendant and 100th anniversary Monument....but to a 3 year old...that's okay...cause he now has a ribbon hanging on HIS bulletin board.  He held on that pretty tight!