Friday, May 31, 2013

ZOOpendous Fun

Our whole family met my brother's family at the zoo on Mother's Day.   The cousins love any chance to get together.  It was a little chilly for mid-May, but still an enjoyable day at the zoo.

And one day after school...I ventured with 5 kids.  They were awesome!    Seth invited his buddy Elijah, and  I had Kael because it was a preschool day.    Then...last minute, Kael's sister got on the wrong bus to come home and her mom called in a panic hoping I could keep her too!  So...she came along.   It was a beautiful afternoon...and there was no one was the perfect time to go!

It was evidently breeding season for the peacocks..cause they were really "showing off!"

Can't wait to go lots more...but honestly, my favorite time is early spring and early fall...but any day is a good day to go to the zoo!