Sunday, June 16, 2013

Disney...Animal Kingdom

Woke up to sunshine on Friday morning...but to a very sick Andy!  Either the cupcake from Pizza Planet didn't agree with him...or he got a small touch of the flu bug.   He got up and tried to eat breakfast...but soon realized he wasn't going to be able to make it at the park.  So...sadly,  we headed off to Animal Kingdom and left Andy in the hotel to get some rest and hopefully get better soon!

It was HOT and CROWDED at AK.  We got a fast pass for the safari ride, watched the Bugs Life movie and went to the Lion King show.  I love the shows (and parades) and if it were just me...I'd spend most of my time watching those.    Must be my High School Showchoir wanna be days!

Took a ride on the safari...lots of fun animals

 Just missing 1 person!

 Ever since we watched a video on Disney...Grant had been wanting to go to Bone Park...we finally made it!
 We split up for a while...Ted and Seth went on a rollercoaster and Cathy, Grant and I went back to Bugs Life...and then got in line to see the afternoon parade!
 It was so hot...I can't even imagine being one of those characters. Don't know how they do it?
 We went back to the hotel to check on Andy...he had been up an hour or so and had eaten some fruit.  He came down to the pool while the boys and I went swimming.  It was Ted and Cathy's date night, so they ate at Epcot...while we opted to stay back and eat at the hotel with daddy.    At first he thought he might be able to join us...but chose to take it easy and not push himself too hard.  So. the boys and I headed over to Epcot to catch up with Grandma and Grandpa.     We tried to make it in time for test track...but the line got too long and we would have missed the fireworks.   So...we rode the Norway boat instead

 And watched the fireworks before heading back to the hotel.    No Andy..and No Rain...but would gladly have traded some rain to have Andy with us.